2010 Established new Chengdu Office (China)
2009 Established 2nd Gallery in Bangkok (Thailand)Established new Gallery in Medan (Indonesia)Established new Gallery in Beijing (China) Established 2nd Gallery at Plaza Singapura (Singapore)
2008 Established New Delhi office (India)Established new Gallery in Senopati (Jakarta)Established new Gallery in Beijing’s Hua Teng Guo Ji Storefront Established new Hong Kong Office at Wanchai Road Established 2nd Gallery in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Established new Gallery in Selangor (Malaysia)
2007 Established Dubai Office (UAE)Relocation of Hong Kong Gallery/Office to bigger premise (China)Re-launched Goodrich Gallery in Singapore Established Kota Kinabalu Gallery (East Malaysia) Relocation of Bangkok Gallery/Office to bigger, upmarket premise (Thailand)
2006 Established galleries in Semarang, Indonesia and Shanghai and Chongqing, China (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise)Brand Revitalization (end-consumer market)
2005 Launched the world’s first hand-painted art on modern wallcoverings
2004 Rebranded and launched the new company name as “Goodrich Global” across the region
2003 First brand development project
2002 Relocated to the new Goodrich Building at No. 8 Changi South Lane, Singapore (HQ)
1999 Established Bangkok office (Thailand)
1998 Established Hong Kong Office (China)
1996 Established office in Beijing (China), making the first foray into China market
1991 Renamed as Goodrich Wallcoverings & Carpets Pte LtdEstablished Jakarta Office (Indonesia)
1985 Established first overseas office in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to mark Goodrich globalization
1983 Established Goodrich Wallcoverings Pte Ltd