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Walls and floors are integral structures which enwrap the soul of every living space. Goodrich Global’s range of products and services offer you the ultimate palette to adorn your walls and floors with your personal touch. Each product is backed by research, quality assurance and creativity to bring your space alive. Within those walls and floors, just add Passion and Attitude to create your personal sanctuary for you to work, live or play in!

goodrich brand equity
In June 2012, Goodrich Global was valued by Brand Finance PLC at S$15.4M.



When you think of the brand Goodrich Global, you think of Creativity, Quality and Value. You think of a company which has a great commitment to make our brand work for you. Moving forward, we aim to grow our brand into an inspirational marriage of aesthetics and functionality, one experienced at connecting the hearts of people on a global scale, yet maintaining their proud individuality.


Our Brand Mission is to bring your personal vision and dreams into reality by using the wide range of products, services, insights and experience at our disposal.

  • We provide creative and effective solutions for our customers and shareholders
  • We offer a selection of products tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our customers
  • We are quality-conscious and test our products extensively to ensure they meet our rigorous internal standards
  • We believe in creating the best possible environment in which to nurture employees with passion and talent

  • Genuine: Personable, sincere and professional, we aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction
  • Dynamic: Versatile, enterprising and confident, we pursue new ideas and perspectives to ensure that we are ahead and aware of our current trends
  • Fun: Passionate, vibrant and optimistic, we are free-spirited and enjoy life to the fullest
  • Stylish: With an eye for aesthetics and a flair for creativity, we exude what is artistic, tasteful and original

  • Integrity: Our relationships are built on trust, mutual respect and honour
  • Professionalism: We are committed to deliver on our promises
  • Teamwork: We work with both our employees and customers as a united team to achieve our shared goals
  • Idea-driven: We are always exploring new ideas to bring you better products and services