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The sustainability and success of a company depends on the quality and commitment of its employees. At Goodrich Global, we honour our commitment to progress by providing each employee with the opportunity to achieve success. To encourage the development of future leaders, Goodrich Global launched a leadership development initiative September 2015. The Goodrich Global Leadership Centre is poised to prepare the company for the future.

The Centre’s main role is to ensure effectiveness in developing talents within the company so that the company will maintain lasting influence. It was a strategic decision involving the management, regional offices representatives and key managers, made to shift the direction of the company towards one that harnesses the knowledge from within the company in order to become a global leader in the interior furnishing industry. To hone leadership-thinking skills with a future-ready orientation, two task forces were set up to aid this corporate mission.


One of the taskforces holds the primary function of reviewing rules, guidelines and processes within Goodrich Global in order to design a new corporate culture and responsive business process and system. The other task force focuses on developing an improved strategy to enhance the value and desire for Goodrich Global products and services.

The Centre will collate a library of solutions and best practices from within and outside the company over time to serve as the basis for knowledge management and propagation. The strategic shift is anticipated to yield positive results that will benefit the organization, customers and key stakeholders.


3D Scan Visualiser

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To ride on the wave of disruptive technologies, Goodrich Global introduced the use of the 3D Scan Visualiser in end 2016, in collaboration with a consortium of 24 other companies in the interior design industry. The project was coordinated by the Workforce Advancement Federation and was funded by SPRING Singapore to encourage small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) to be more lean and productive.

The 3D scan solution offers

  • ease of capturing indoor job site measurements more efficiently
  • quick generation of 2D & 3D model
  • floorplans from imaging captured
  • auto-conversion of scanned data into AutoCAD file formats
  • promotes real-time rendering of 3D visualisation of indoor space
  • virtual reality viewing on HTC Vive headmounted
    device with customer’s choices of wallcoverings, carpets, flooring & furniture
  • automate quantity take-off for faster processing of quotation to customers

Besides improving productivity, the scan-virtual reality solution will offer greater customer satisfaction with faster quotation and viewing of their design and desired interior furnishing.

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