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Goodrich Innovation Hub

The Goodrich Innovation Hub was completed in the first quarter of 2016, following the launch of Goodrich Global Wujiang (GG Wujiang) and Goodrich Global Suzhou (GG Suzhou).

Located in Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, the facility rests on a piece of land with total area of 16,823 square meter, housing an administration building, staff quarters and logistic facilities which includes customer service and warehousing.

The administration building houses a 10,000ft showroom on the first floor, an administrative office on the second floor, and plans for a training center and a convenient mock up room for hotel owners and developers to view the work of designers and suppliers instead of presenting on site, on the fourth level.

The Goodrich Innovation Hub seeks to help Goodrich meet its growing sales needs and expand further by making use of China’s strategic location to export our products to the European and American continent. This will enable Goodrich to streamline its processes and increase its productivity.


The Goodrich Global I-CUBE Program aims to transform all great ideas generated from employees into initiatives which help to increase our company’s productivity and the quality of our customer service.

In the first stage, employees are encouraged to submit their idea. Next, these ideas will be evaluated and selected ideas will then be invited to participate in a quarterly “Concept Poster” presentation. An evaluation panel will then select concepts that meet the criteria to be implemented.



In 2014, Goodrich Global embarked on a journey to make major improvement in its warehouse operations. There are 3 phases to the project: In the first phase, we procured off-the-shelf warehouse automated equipment that help the logistics workers to wrap pallets, lift goods, and carry them up the stairs. These solutions greatly helped to reduce the manpower required to complete these manual tasks and to reduce risks of fatigue and injury to our workers.

In the second phase of the project, we designed a new integrated measuring, cutting, and packing machine that is able to automate the preparation process and raise productivity in the warehouse. This is a customized solution to meet our material processing needs. The last phase of the project will involve automating the data capturing and inputs.



In 2015, Goodrich Global rolled out a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System for the Goodrich Group of Companies. This implementation has enabled Goodrich Global to consolidate and streamline finance, procurement, sales, projects and basic customer relationship management between the local and the international offices. Batch and lot tracking have also been implemented, which help improve the visibility of stock movements.

In addition, it has enabled many processes such as inter-company trade, the automation of the Sales and Purchasing process, the creation of delivery orders and the management of invoices. The implementation of this new ERP system has enabled the company to be more efficient and effective in our work.