tr?id=452824429410686&ev=PageView&noscript=1 Beat those back-to-work blues after Chinese New Year
31 January 2017

The weekend festivities will be over before you know it, and there’s a fair chance that you’ll be suffering from post-Chinese New Year feelings when you step back into the office. Here are 1 quick tip to boost your mood once the celebrations are over.

Bring Natural Elements To Office To Release Pressure

Besides the fact that work can be stressful at times, there is no denying that offices often experience a low energy level after all the partying last weekend. We’ll all need something to lift our spirits then. Why not create a friendly environment by bringing the great outdoors into the workplace that helps to uplift the spirit?

According to research conducted by the department of Emergency Medicine at Penn State in 2015, being around nature can boost optimism and reduce blood pressure. One study from 2013 found a walk in the park can reduce depression scores by 71%.

You could consider bringing in office plants that will help to purify the air and boost the moral and the productivity of colleagues. If watering them regularly is challenging, why not consider making a photo frame featuring greenery with leftover wallcovering?

Materials: wood frames, craft knife, scissors, ruler, cutting mat, artwork, wallpaper, glue, pencil, bone folder


  • Step 1: Place your picture frame face down on the wallpaper and trace around it both in the middle and the outside line of the frame.



  • Step 2: Cut out the lines with your craft knife and a ruler. I used scissors to finish off the corner because they are rounded.



  • Step 3: Follow the instructions on your wallpaper paste to adhere it to the wooden frame.



  • Step 4: Smooth the paper with a bone folder or something flat.



  • Step 5: Insert your artwork and hang!


Foilage patterned wallcoverings from Geonature collection, Eijffinger and Designed for living Vol 1, BN are excellent choices for such DIY photo frame!

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