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27 June 2018 Flooring-Tips-for-the-new-homeowner--Vinyl-or-laminate-floorings Flooring tips for the new homeowner. Vinyl or laminate floorings?

Flooring tips for the new homeowner. Vinyl or laminate floorings?

As you are about to receive the key to your new flat, you might feel a sense of nervousness and excitement. As a homeowner, you have to consider the nature of renovation work which can be an overwhelming experience for the first-time homeowner.

Without doubt, the floor is one of the largest surface areas in any home. It is therefore critical to choose the right flooring to meet your lifestyle demand. In the market, the prevalent choices for laminate flooring and vinyl (resilient) flooring tend to create an intense dilemma for decision maker.

1. Versatility of designs and patterns

When it comes to interior design, you will need a flooring that has diverse design and colour patterns. Both laminate flooring and vinyl flooring fit this criterion. The layer of decorative paper film within the two types of flooring provides a realistic wood grain look. This means that there is almost infinite possibility of design patterns.

2. Fast and Swift installation

The last thing you should bother about during your renovation journey is the ease of installation. If the nature of work is complex, you are likely to fork out a larger sum of investment for renovation work. Fortunately, both laminate flooring and vinyl flooring comes with an easy installations system. This means that it can be installed directly onto your existing floor. Of course, if you have a bare floor, it is important to ensure that the floor is screeded to level to prevent any “bump” within your floor.

3. Firm foot feel

Compared to laminate flooring, vinyl flooring tends to have a higher density. This means that there is less hollow feel when you step onto a vinyl floor. In contrast, when you take a walk on a laminate flooring, the 'drum' sound can be heard especially if one is wearing a high heel shoe.

4. Waterproof flooring

To meet the dynamic lifestyle needs, having a waterproof floor is an essential requirement in your home planning journey. Laminate flooring is a water-resistant floor but upon prolong contact with water, its floor structure tends to absorb water and can cause bubbles or floor warping to happen.

On the flip side, vinyl floor is waterproof and does not face similar problem. Given this unique property, you can have wooden look vinyl flooring in your kitchen, which was unimaginable in the past with laminate flooring. What’s more, maintenance is easy given that you will just need a mop to clean the floor.

With the given tips above to guide you towards choosing a right flooring, vinyl flooring is an ideal choice for family with active lifestyle and less disposal time for home maintenance regime.