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04 December 2018

Vinyl Backed vs Vinyl Fabric Backed Wallcoverings small

What will be the difference: Vinyl Paper Backed vs Vinyl Fabric Backed Wallcoverings

 Looking for the right type of wallcoverings involves an in-depth comparison of a variety of colors and patterns. But have you taken the time to compare materials?   Vinyl is one of the most common types of wallpaper available because it’s so easy to maintain.  So will you select vinyl fabric backed or vinyl paper backed wallcoverings?

Vinyl Paper Backed wallcoverings will have paper attached to the back of a solid vinyl product, making it thicker, but still resistant to moisture and stains.  This is a light weighted type of wallcoverings which are ideal for easy installation and transportation.  Available in stylish, floral, geometrics , texturized patterns in XSELECT 2018-2020 & RESERVE 2018-2020 collections.   These wallcoverings are ideal for residential and light commercial interior spaces like waiting lounges, powder rooms, business centers and meeting rooms.

Vinyl Fabric Backed wallcoverings will have a sheet of fabric attached to the back of the solid vinyl. This product is ideal for covering walls with many imperfections because of its thickness. It can also be peeled away from the wall easily when you’d like to remove it.  This type of wallcovering will be ideal for high traffic areas e.g. corridors at public commercial and residential areas.  Check out our new collections from Goodrich Premier Wall and Goodrich Wide Wall

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