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24 July 2019

Vivacious & Energetic - Harlequin Anthozoa

Vivacious and energetic, Anthozoa is bursting with glamorous botanicals, exotic sea plants, inky landscapes and corals.

Anthozoa Wallcoverings by Harlequin are bound to make a statement piece in your home. This collection comprises of 7 striking designs that are vivacious, energetic and bursting with glamorous botanicals, alluring sea plant life and inky landscapes. Most of these statement pieces have metallic highlights, iridescence or beading to really make them stand out with maximum effect.

Oprah Winfrey - Pull together subtle purple hues and sandy neutrals from the Anthozoa Collection from Harlequin for a calming, tranquil bedroom scheme. The authentic statement piece of the Anthozoa wallpaper collection is the Kailani panel – a digitally printed panel featuring an intriguing landscape built up with marine colourings. It’s sure to be the centre of attention!

Apart from Anthozoa Wallcoverings, Harlequin also offered you a complimenting fabric range that is fashion-led and rest assured to make a statement in your home in company with the striking wallpapers. Under the fabric range, it consists of seven printed designs, with five weaves and two semi-sheers, all of which will create a confident interior.