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18 January 2017

Welcome the year of the roaster with positive energy simply by including your lucky colors in your surroundings! This is part 2 of our 3-part series to usher the year of the rooster in style.


Credit Mention- clockwise (Wallcovering: Whimsical, Cole & Son; Carpet: Loft, Brink & Campman; Fabric: Empire State, Casadeco)

With multiple lucky stars shining on you this year, 2017 sees those born in the year of Dragon enjoying immense luck in all aspects of life. But in order to take maximum advantage of the opportunities you will have place water fountains or have your walls in white or cream color in the North and Southeast direction to dispel negativity and welcome positivism. Simply placing a Brink & Campman rug in your living room not only bring you luck but leave your guests awe with your new minimalist look.

Warm orange colors for the bedroom create harmony and unity for the family. Using fabrics from Casadeco for your cushions to spice up your living room.


Credit Mention- clockwise (Wallcovering: Whimsical, Cole & Son; Fabric: Slowtime, Casadeco; Flooring: Laminate, Parador)

The Rooster increases your professional ambition. You will aim high, supported by your impressive work capacity. You will succeed in everything you do. Blush pink color can enhance your wealth luck. Adding some curtain sheers in shades of pink can help to block some sunlight and add some feminine touch to the bedroom.

You can display peacock feathers or the Flying Horse Ornament in the North East position of your residence to help you attain Heaven and Earth blessings. Purple grey color adds sophistication to your home while attracting friends whom will help you in need. Why not use laminated flooring from geff to your advantage?


Credit Mention- clockwise (Wallcovering: Geonature, Eijffinger; Fabric: Amazilia, Casadeco; Fabric: Ondine Design, Casadeco)

Luck is going to be by your side at your work place. Lush green plants or green walls in the South West direction of your residence can bring in more opportunities in your career. Opportunities abroad will also bring you great returns. How about adding a feature wall with green foliage in your living space that not only open up new opportunities but also bring the nature indoor.

The beginning of the year is going to be like a second honey moon for couples. Pink and purple colors are advantageous for you; we recommend these colors for your home decoration items or walls. One way to spruce up your living room is to use fabric from Casadeco to create a sofa that is uniquely yours.


Credit Mention- clockwise (Wallcovering: Fade, Phillip Jeffries; Carpet: Kaleidoscope, Brink & Campman; Fabric: Amazilia, Harlequin)

Benefactors surround individuals born in the year of the Goat. Promotion opportunities awaits you, so make sure you prove your worth and work diligently. Create a harmonious environment for yourself, by using more of your lucky color – green. You will be spoilt for choice with fabric from Amazilia collection. The options available include changing your curtains, table cloth to cushions.

Attract good energy for yourself by facing your bed in either the East or South East direction and have your walls in shades of blue. Try adding in shades of blue with wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries.

Remember to read part 3 as we unveil the lucky colors for the remaining 4 horoscopes.

Visit our gallery now to refresh your home and be ready to usher the year of the rooster in style!


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