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16 January 2017

What’s Goodrich’s take for the upcoming interior trends of 2017? Jean Leong , Head of Marketing shared 4 major trends with The Property Buzz, The Straits Time (Singapore) dated 11 Jan 2017.

Trend #1 : Green is in

Pantone the global leading Colour specialist shared GREENERY is the new kid on the block. Green evokes peace, harmony and tranquility. It gives one a sense of renewal and healing. Especially many urbanites, many would like to create their own green oasis . Green has inspired many interior manufacturers to use them for blocked color accents, botanical, motifs and accents for the final products like carpets, Wallcovering, fabrics and flooring. And customers can chose an array of shades of green.

Trend #2: Natural looking finishes

Home and business owners are more daring to explore natural finishes for their living space surfaces. For example, dressing up a feature wall with wallcoverings that have textures of marble like and wood grained. The natural finishes range from planked walls, concrete blocks to wood paneling, it’s a dramatic way of “fooling The Eye”.

Trend #3: Geometric

Consistent block patterns and designs for the walls, curtains, carpet rugs and flooring bring order into our homes with simple clean patterns. Geometrics have been around for ages and never fails to excite home owners with modern rendition of colors and shapes . For the adventurous homeowners, they 2 different bold patterns and colors to express themselves. We see many using Wallcovering with such patterns for small spaces such as walk in wardrobes, ceilings, and entertainment room.

Trend #4. : Using Larger than life prints

Floral, landscape, abstract art are becoming popular with new home owners. Larger than life prints are perfect way to bring life into a your home, and with advancements in digital art printing, there are many options available to replicate a work of art for your walls.

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