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12 January 2017

Credit Mention – Clockwise – Fabric: Agapanthe, Camengo; Wallcovering: Sweet Dreams, BN; Fabric: Callista, Harlequin)

Goodrich Global has put together a collage of interior furnishings to usher the year of the rooster in style! This is part 1 of the 3-part series.


This year, we advise individuals born in the year of the Rat to renovate your home either in the third, fifth, ninth or eleventh lunar months to help you draw in harmony to your life. It can help increase luck in the accumulation of wealth and bring positivity.

The best colors for the living room would be shades of pink. Adding curtains in pink definitely help jazz up the room. Using yellow colors for your home can also enhance fortune. It can be simply using fabrics from Callista for your cushions to add a dash of yellow in your home.

Credit Mention- clockwise ( Wallcovering: Anthology 01, Harlequin; Fabric: Tomoko, Scion; Flooring: Laminate, geff)


2017 is suitable for those born in the year of the cow to pursue self-improvement and seek comfort in nature. It is advisable for you to exercise regularly to stay in tip top condition.

Brown color is your auspicious color of the year, if combined with the display of suitable Feng Shui ornaments; it can help improve overall luck tremendously. The color green helps boost the Wood-Fire elements that are in play this year; hence, use them to your advantage for your home. Adding shades of brown can be as easy as having a feature wall in your living room using wallcovering from Harlequin or laminated flooring from geff. To add some greenery, choose fabric from Scion to make new cushions.

Credit Mention- clockwise ( Carpet (Rug): Kashba Delight, Brink & Campman; Fabric: Secco, Eijffinger; Wallcovering: Standing Ovation, Harlequin)


In 2017, the arrival of undesirable stars will cause major misfortune. Take special care when travelling abroad and be sure to accumulate good karma by doing more charity to enhance luck factor. Bright yellow ornaments or wallpaper at home can maximize chance opportunities and gather wealth for you.

Your lucky colors are red and pink, these colors can help attract benefactors and create an endless supply of good luck. To enjoy the endless supply of good fortune, simply add a Brink & Campman carpet to incorporate red elements in your living room or use fabric from Eijffinger to make new sheers in your bedroom.

Credit Mention- clockwise (Wallcovering: Geonature, Eijffinger; Carpet: Sho, Sanderson; Flooring: Laminate, Parador)


This year build up good luck by doing more good. Try to donate blood or go for teeth polishing services to counteract the clash with Tai Sui. Make use of items and colors that belong to the Earth element to turn enhance positivism in life.

Purple is your go to color to help draw in wealth, good energy and improve the chances of smooth-sailing ventures. Use the new Geonature collection from Eiffinger as your wallcovering to add some foilage in your home thus not only green up the room but also add Earth element to your life. Another easy way to add earth element is to turn to laminated flooring from Parador which are easy to install.

Stay tune to part 2 of our interior furnishing guide to usher the year of the rooster in style!


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