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28 December 2016

A new year should present itself with a new lick of colour to your beloved home. Colour expert Lydia Schogen who studies how colour affects our mood explains, “Our eyes are programmed to receive colour.

Colour obviously has its benefits in how we expedite work so a blue room can actually calm our nerves; on the other hand citrus colours bring about energy and lift our spirits. Even accent colours in an all-white room can make us feel happy and ready to take on tasks.”

Chinese New Year is fundamentally a change that affects us all – we want things fresh, clean and new. We want a new colour to inject our four walls. But not just limited to residential zones, colour has its place in our beloved environments even in the hospitality and commercial industries.

For the year of the rooster in 2017, auspicious colours include gold, brown and yellow.

Don’t just think walls; we can opt for colorful rugs to decorate our floors. Brink & Campman’s “Estella” range is cheerful and uplifting as neon hues are injected into geometric shapes, patterns and lines. Even Sanderson’s “Sho” bright hues depict forests, leaves and flowers – an ode to Mother Nature.

Colour is also rife in its fabric range such as upholstery, cushions and curtains. Harlequin’s “Tresillo” range is a cheery collection of fabrics sporting geometric motifs, statement-making patterns, and organic shapes which are designed with edginess. Drapery fabrics come in ikat designs, eye-catching chevrons, zingy hues, and mosaics, to name a few.

A room designed with spatial concepts needs to take into account the mood and energy. Fortuna Silk adds comes in a glorious color palette of 18 references ranging from red, yellow, green to neutrals. Koroseal magically incorporates the woven texture of raw silk creating the ability to capture light.

You can also count on J. Josephson striking wallcoverings to dress up those vertical surfaces to a hilt. Their “Symphony” range sports colourful backgrounds such as rich blues, deep greens, bright pinks and muted golds, embellished by abstract designs, damask patterns and classical shapes to create an artistic expression for walls. Who said walls and floors should be painted and tiled, respectively?

With the correct furnishings, you can create the right environment to inject colour, warmth and spirit for Chinese New Year.


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