tr?id=452824429410686&ev=PageView&noscript=1 Not just a wallpaper – 5 myths of wallcoverings
16 December 2016

Never underestimate the potential of Wallcoverings. Who said wallcoverings are just wallpapers?Besides wallpapers, there are many types of wallcoverings and they come in different materials, textures, patterns and colors. Here are the 5 myths of wallcoverings

Myth 1 – #Durability: It is a common misconception that wallpapers are not durable and that they will tear off soon. Good quality wallcoverings will surely stand the test of time and last longer. Vinyl wallcoverings, a type II wallcovering is deemed for use in high traffic areas, such as corridors, public spaces, schools, etc. Vinyl makes a wallcovering scrubbable and easy to clean, as well as resistant to heat, humidity and grease — a smart choice in kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms and children’s bedrooms.

For hotel environments where traffic is high, perhaps, embellishments on wallcoverings need to be more pronounced to add flair. The Best of the year award winning Beyond collection from Phillip Jeffries offers geometric shapes and elements from Mother Nature. Billowing brushstrokes take on abstract shapes as they move across the landscape inviting you to gaze into the BEYOND. With the look of artisanally painted watercolors, our digital printing process allows for millions of hues to be captured in each stroke for hyper-detailing where artistry meets innovation.

Myth 2 – #Paints offer more variety: Many think that paints give a wide option to choose from but wallcoverings offer more varieties.They come in a wide array of colours, shades, textures, materials, and sizes, so there’s no stopping to your creativity and imagination.

Take an example of Vycon wallcoverings in its masculine hues of greys connote subtlety and elegance to any environment – hotel or work space. Look closer at the details and you’ll notice a weave-like grid of vertical and horizontal lines crisscrossing each other. It is such nuances that make it charming, after all, the devil is in the details. Its neutral shade makes it a flexible canvas for you to execute “layering” to room – think loose furniture, lighting, accessories, drapes, etc. Great for work ambiences that won’t distract employees, you can be sure whatever loose furniture, accessories or workstations will certainly standout.

Myth 3 – #Wallcoverings are just for decorations: One specialty wallcovering is Acoustical wallcovering. These are designed for use on vertical surfaces, panels, operable walls and any place sound reduction is a primary factor such as meeting rooms, offices, theaters, auditoriums, restaurants as well as corridors and elevator lobbies. These products are predominantly made of man-made polyester and olefin fibers, and are tested for a special sound absorption rating known as a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NCR) rating. This rating indicates the amount of sound absorbed into the wall. The higher the number, the more noise absorption.

One great collection is Eco Art wallcoverings from Hytex. Eco-Art is the only non-woven wallcovering product made in the USA from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. Eco-Art’s eco-fi® fabric is made of 100% recycled solution-dyed polyester fiber for durability and easy maintenance with Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) sound absorption rating options up to 0.25 depending on pattern.

Myth 4 – #Wallcoverings are not fire resistant: The main advantage of the wallcoverings available today is that they are fire resistant. They do not catch fire and hence are safe. Urban Views from Phillip Jeffries is ATSM E84 Class A rated and this makes it less combustible.

Myth 5 – #Wallcoverings are not eco-friendly: Wallcovering’s materials come in various options: Most are of very low V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions; and any VOC’s are long gone before the wallcovering ever enters your room! These emissions are significantly lower than paint — and are very environmentally friendly. Collections from Vycon and Symphony are all Singapore Green Label certified as such having such wallcoverings is a move towards constructing a Green Building that is sustainable.


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