tr?id=452824429410686&ev=PageView&noscript=1 6 design trends for the hospitality industry in 2017
16 December 2016

Today’s customers have the spoils of prettying up their surfaces – walls and floors. Many trends have peppered the market but the current rage is focuses on floral/foliage, geometrics, shine and sheen, nature and textures.

Trend #1 – Natural Landscapes

Inspired by elements from Mother Nature, the Renaissance of Art collection is sophisticated in design and superior in quality. Encompassing 10 designs, they are vibrant, unlimited in creativity and unmatched in detail. Inspiration for the designs come from Mother Nature – the aerial view of landscape, the Amazon jungle, ancient architecture with modern art, luscious fields, reflections of water, splash of water, historical footprints from nature and many more.

Trend #2 – Geometrics

Floors are not spared of this trend. Parador’s “Orgo” laminates are designed by Karim Rashid and Matheo Thun. These two designers take inspiration from Mother Nature through depictions of wood grains and fractals, respectively. Thun’s wood rings come in hues of lime or white while Rashid’s geometric fractals burst with energetic colours such as blue, pink and purple.

Trend #3 – Floral and Foilage

Geonature collection wallcovering is proud to express floral designs through a pixelated rendition of flowers and leaves. Featuring painterly strokes of blooms, buds, branches and leaves, you see the big picture from standing afar. Its feminine charm also makes this collection so appealing.

Trend #4 – Shine and Sheen

For fabrics, Evofabric from Concertex etched seamlessly engraves brilliant metallic colors into the complex embossed contours of polyurethane faux leather. The range of designs has no limit as multiple metallic colors can be combined with various emboss patterns. These materials may look decorative with its shining radiance but the materials are high performance as they are graffiti-free, pass over 100,000 double rubs and are bleach cleanable.

Trend #5 – Pantone color of the year : Greenery

With Pantone announcing greenery as the color of 2017, we can expect many furnishing designs especially wallcoverings to adopt the color. According to Pantone, Greenery evokes feelings of wellness, renewal, and communion with nature.

This color can be complemented with so many different textures and shades, and it even fits right into the setting, making it look like an organic design. One can never go wrong by pairing the fresh leafy printed carpet rug from Brink & Campman Kaleidoscope series with wallcoverings from Kami-to, Omexco where variation of weaves and patterns makes it possible to create interesting and colourful interior settings in natural green and yellow.

Trend #6 – Use of Natural Materials

The use of wallcoverings that create an illusion of natural material is another huge trend. From planked walls, concrete blocks to wood paneling, it’s a dramatic way of “fooling the eye.” Whether it’s an accent wall or papering an entire room it adds character without the expense of installing the real thing. A wallcovering with natural finishes is Nashira from Omexco. This collection is created with strips of colored paperboard, strewn with leaves of the soursop tree, scattered by the wind.

These brands present striking designs that project the trends for hospitality to project a sense of modernity and class, tempered with on-trend colours, patterns and textures to create a warm environment for us to live better.


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