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30 November 2016

New Year is a great event to celebrate. One of the important things required to be done is the curtain cleaning at home.

Maintenance of inanimate objects reflects our personality. Singapore is a city of cleanliness which shows the civic attitude and nature of the Singaporeans.

The Start of the year should be peaceful which could be done only by effective cleaning of the items around us. Especially clean curtains give us the vibrant color to our life. Curtains improve the ambiance of the home as well as commercial place. Well-designed curtains embellish the bed room, living room, dining room, etc., The home maker’s creativity is well portrayed by the selection and maintenance of the curtain.

First impression alone does not bring you the best impression. It is always the way you greet others each and every time with a clean surrounding and clean items. When the overall quality, color and texture of the fabric of curtain is maintained properly, it not only gives an immense feeling of satisfaction but also greets the guests with a warm love and the hospitality will be remembered at its best when we make them feel happy.

Curtains are back in vogue because more people can now afford full-height windows in their domiciles. These floor-to-ceiling windows are the perfect way to allow natural light, thereby creating a sense of airiness and spaciousness in any room.

Significant allergy and rash problems arise due to the poor maintenance of the furnishings at home and other places. Therefore, it is essential to keep the curtains and other draperies clean to keep ourselves from allergens.

Unfortunately, life has become so mechanical and hectic these days. Also, when the curtains begin to look dingy, they simply buy new ones – usually as an excuse to redecorate.

Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains, since the material will dictate how well your curtains function and hold up over time. Curtains are no longer the drab, by-the-way decisions for many trendy homeowners and decorators, as many brands have created modern colors, designs, textures, fabrics and prints to sate the whims of house-proud individuals.

If you’re thinking of making a beeline for some curtain designs then consider Casadeco’s Ceremony collection is a beautiful collection of stunning fabrics with sensual elegance and intricate detailing.

This is a range of quirky and contemporary embroideries and thick velvet textures, using shimmering, metallic threads for intricate and elegant detailing. These minimalist fabrics are ideal for a sophisticated style throughout the modern interior – being suitable for both Curtains and Blinds, along with scatter cushions to match.

With subtle, sparkly color combinations, the Ceremony Fabrics are truly irresistible and suited to any room of the house.


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