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20 March 2017

It's 3 days to International Women Day.International Women’s Day (IWD) started as a Socialist political event in 1909 and has since become an occasion for people to express their love for women. Every region has their own reasons to celebrate in terms of respect, appreciation, and love towards women for their economic political, and social achievements.How can you make a positive difference to the lives of women?

Give flowers to women. Flowers are a symbol of International Women’s Day, and many countries celebrate by decorating with flowers, or giving them to women as presents.  DIY for the women in your life.

Pick out the fabric color scheme you want. This project is perfect for all those fabric scraps you’ve been stashing away. Purchase round wooden dowels at your local craft store (Or use Satay Sticks).

Step 1:

Cut strips of fabric approximately 2×16 inches, then, with your fabric strip, wooden dowel, and glue gun….we’ll make a flower.

Step 2:

Bunch up the beginning of the flower a bit

It’s like you’re “ruffling” the fabric. Just keep doing this, bit by bit. Glue, gather, stick, etc. Until you’ve gone all the way around. And there you go, you should have a pretty blossom


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