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08 June 2020

Condomunim Indonesia Wallcovering 1

Embrace Serenity and Comfort...

Fall In Love our Wallcoverings & Fabrics. These scenic sights will leave lasting impressions in a living space.

Modern Elegance was created with these wallpapers and fabrics from America and Europe. European fabrics for day and night curtains. Specialty Wallcoverings adorned the apartment’s walls like art murals that will make lasting impressions.

Interior Designs by XOCA - ET ASSOCIATES, Indonesia
Wallcoverings from Phillip Jeffries Ltd. Fabrics by Camengo & Harlequin Fabrics and Wallcoverings.

Phillip Jeffries: Collections from Serenity and Herringbone
Camengo Fabrics: Collection from Fanfare Wide
Harlequin Fabrics: Collection from Empire State

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