24 July 2020

Get ready for a journey that engages all of your senses – Welcome to the Savanna Wall Collection.

Presenting 7 safari inspired wall designs that will simply sweep you away!

1. Mosaic Mamba -repeating forms & colours
2. Cape Town - Large scale basket weaves
3. Vinyl Zebrawood - All Striped up in Style
4. Savanna Weave - Exciting Tribal touches
5. Kuba Cloth - Charming Geometrics
6. Zebra Cloth - Exciting Animal Print Motif
7. Cheetah Cloth - Go wild with spots

A vast array of colors, textures and patterns are inspired by these faraway lands.

Be bedazzled with the modern rust of the savanna!

Read more here: https://bit.ly/2C96fhY

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