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29 July 2020

Fornasetti Senza Tempo

Grey is such a short 4 letter word but it is such a popular shade amongst the interior designers and homeowners. Many top designers will choose Grey that complements light and dark shades. It is an in-between colour that many favours.

Let’s check out this colour used in the following room settings.

An all-time favourite wallcovering design from Fornasetti Senza Tempo Collection by Cole & Son, a premium UK wallpaper design house. This wallpaper has been used from the walls right to the ceilings. Ideal for locations: living room, dining room and bedroom too. In this video, we also feature other shades of grey that is fun, floral, nature and abstract inspired. Let’s rest and relax in cool shades of grey by Cole & Son.

Product Showcase: Fornasetti Senza Tempo

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