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20 March 2017

After you’re married, you’re not just playing house anymore. It’s time to set up house—for real. When your home is in order, it creates a sanctuary where you can relax and recharge your mental batteries.

Use of space

Include the newlywed's preferences and needs to create a more accommodating environment and make the best use of available floor space. An open concept apartment allows you to design a custom floor plan that suits the couple. When entertainment or dinner parties are a top priority for the couple, add visual definition to an open space by tucking a large area rug underneath a dining set.

Choose a rug that is both aesthetically beautiful and functional. Luxurious to the foot and to the eye, Estella Rug Collection offers an affordable and dramatic floor feature with hand tufted finish. Bringing warmth and colour to your home the ranges from bold stripes, geometric designs to organic shapes. They are made from 100% pure new wool and stain resistant. You will be at the ease of mind when hosting a party!

Colors and styles

Just as in the relationship, give-and-take is the key to successfully combining distinct differences in a couple's decorating colors and styles. When Tastefully mixing two different decorating styles can increase visual interest.

Flooring is one of the most extensive and visible elements of your home, so make use of it to reflect your unique style.  Give your home a feel of elegance and richness with vinyl flooring by geff which is not just beautiful but durable as well.  The look of wood always gives your home the perfect classy finishing touch.

 Walls and windows

Light, neutral wall colors -- soft white, barely beige and misty gray -- also help to keep small spaces feeling light and airy. Create a custom accent wall with a favorite wallpaper.

Install simple window treatments that are both functional and aesthetically appealing to satisfy both partners. Curtains made of natural reeds, grasses or wood give an earthy, but modern feel.

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