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12 April 2017 Slide24 Revealing the top 10 trends of 2017

Revealing the top 10 trends of 2017:
Trend #1. The colour of the year - Greenery. Green evokes a sense of peace, harmony and tranquillity. It creates a green oasis in urban home interiors. The colour green has highly inspired manufacturers to incorporate nature related elements such as colours and botanical motifs in carpets, wallcoverings, fabrics and flooring.

Trend #2. Natural looking finishes add a sense of warmth and inviting ambience to interior spaces. For example, dressing up a feature wall with wallcoverings that has marble or wood grained texture.

Trend #3. Going real with 3D - let your wall stand out with subtle motifs and designs. Match designs with eye-catching colors of textures and motifs from fabric collections such as Harlequin and carpet rugs from Brink Campham. Give your wall depth and a stylish dramatic look with wallcovering from BN collection.

Trend #4. Using larger than life prints is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home. With advancements of digital art printing, many options made available to replicate a work of art for your walls. For homeowners who prefer floral, landscape and abstract art, Goodrich also provides a wide selection of wallcovering collection from Eijffinger and BN Dutch Masters.

Trend #5. Contemporary chic. The combination of black, neutrals tones and shapes promises a classic turn to any interior. Wallcovering from BN emphasises on the masculinity and glamour of black and gold.

Trend #6. Geometric patterns are with simple lines, geometric shapes and prints help achieve a unified and curated look. For a bold and dramatic effect, Harlequin collection of fabrics and wallcovering that expresses the style of homeowners. We highly recommend application of fabrics and wallcoverings in various spaces such as wardrobes, ceilings and entertainment room.

Trend #7. Pairing of nature inspired home decor with wallcoverings and carpets that evokes the expression of grace and serenity. The collections cover from carpet rugs from Brink & Campman, contemporary chic wallcovering from Eijffinger, prints of birds by BN Design for living and spring elements such as florals by Harlequin Wallcoverings and fabrics.

Trend #8. Going Luxe with Leather. Leather has been spotted in home interiors from modern to contemporary on chairs, sofa set, table tops, feature walls and much more. Leather being versatile and classic has always played an essential role in home interiors and is an easy way to add style as well as exude a luxurious atmosphere to the interior. Leather from C.C Leathers Inc provides customization to each client's needs.

Trend #9. Contemporary chic - An all time favourite. Shimmer and shine from the Eijffinger collection exudes an inviting yet stylish touch to interiors. Lines, stripes and polka dots give an illusion of a wider and more spacious room. With wallcovering from Eijffinger, that comes in various design is a great way to showcase art and style in one's home interior. Stripes making a comeback in the industry is available in various collections by Eijffinger, Koroseal, Fortuna Silk and Harlequin. Shimmer and textures used in fabrics and wallcoverings create lightness and a romantic ambience to a space. Such can be found in Harlequin collection of fabrics and wallcoverings. Color blocking and diagonal shapes of ombre gives an
illusion of space. With Harlequin wallcoverings and fabrics, there are various designs to select that best showcase your style in the interior.

Trend #10. Industrial chic with a twist. Established in Italy, 1980 Texan wallcovering emphasises on handmade wall creations from the soul. Ideal for creating impact in residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

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