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03 May 2017 symphony_synchronicity_h Eco-Friendly Furnishing Trends in the Hospitality Industry

With Singapore’s government driving the trend of developing higher eco-friendly standards in the hospitality, many hotels consider going green during their next construction or renovation project. Another consideration to go green would be that environmentally friendly properties are steadily gaining market share among a new following of travellers - those who consider themselves as “eco tourist”.

Goodrich Global presents eco-friendly furnishing trends that are performance driven and meets industry standards. Highlighting collections from Goodrich Global eco-friendly range of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets and flooring. Starting with wallcovering collection from JJosephson, an ecological non-woven wallcovering made of recycled fibres and FSC certified materials. Printed with solar energy, using water-based and solvent-free. Syncronicity is inspired by reflecting mirror images thus the collection features harmonious hues like Snokeflake, Antique Auburn and Sea Crystal repeated in large-scale pattern.

Next, to introduce a revolutionary concept fabric which encompasses embossed contours in metallic colors, glass beads and faux leather. Available in four collections: etched, beaded, dimensional and pleated, EvoFabric is both chic and stylish for any interior in the hospitality industry. Highly durable, the EvoFabric withstands over 100,000 double rubs and is stain as well as ink resistance. Making this material easy to maintain and highly recommended for the hospitality industry.

The virtual, etched and dimensional series complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and contributes to LEED 2009 IEQ Credit 4.5 Low Emitting Materials, Systems Furniture and Seating. EvoFabric is free from PVC, phthalate, formaldehyde and heavy metal. The selection exudes a luxurious vibe and incorporates environmentally friendly properties.
Carpets highly used in the hospitality industry, cleaning staff encounter various problems regarding care and maintenance. With Tuntex carpet tiles, it’s free from VOC with maximum recyclability. Thermoplastic backings recycled for new carpet tile production, infused with ecoFresh self-renewal odour reducer treatment and with Micro Shield anti-microbial treatment. Tuntex carpet collection awarded CRI Green Label Plus, Singapore Green Label and Singapore Green Building Council certification.

Floorings vary for indoors and outdoors. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) replicates the essence of earth’s woods, stones and metals along with original graphic designs. The nature elements in the design evoke a warm and inviting ambience to the space interior. Easy to maintain and care for as titles are Polyurethane coated, highly durable and safe. The vinyl tiles are available in a wide array of tile and plank size - eco-friendly properties with low VOC emission and FloorSCore and eligible for LEED credit.  A vinyl composition tile which highly durable and suitable for high traffic spaces.

Geff Flooring a highly sought after collection as it is both suitable indoors and outdoors. Available in durable vinyl, low maintenance laminate and Wood Composite (WPC) Decking, engineered timber. Geff Flooring is environmentally friendly and accredited with ISO 1400, FSC, PEFC, NWFA and the Singapore Green Label. The floorings certified with at least E1 on formaldehyde emission (less than 0.75pp, formaldehyde).

The potential benefits of green building are not only myopic from an environmentally responsible perspective but a business standpoint as well. Green construction has proven to be a worthwhile investment for many hotels regarding long-term savings and does not show any signs of slowing down into the future.

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