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29 June 2017 AXIOM_AMBIENT1 3 Hospitality design trends

3 Hospitality design trends you need to know – (1) Colors that pop; (2) Warmer metals ; (3) Going Eco-Friendly

Colors that pop

Hotels no longer can get by with neutral colors. These days, hotels need to inject colors into space to create stark minimalism with a twist. With millennial actively sharing photos online, hotels need to create bold, striking experiences for them. When they go to hotel with bold color, in their minds, it’s different. It’s fun, vivid, as opposed to their comfortable home.

Warmer Metals

Prepare to start seeing even darker metals, such as dark bronze, incorporated into interiors. This brings about the rise of rough luxe. In imperfections, you find luxury. If something has history, a story to it, that brings luxury to it.


With guests increasingly concerned about how eco-friendly their hotels are, using eco-friendly furnishings help send a message of environmental friendliness.