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10 October 2017 BN_STITCH_HR_02 The Walls are Alive with the Styles of Retro

We got da funk with quirky and vibrant designs from BN's latest Stitch collection of wallcoverings! The walls are alive with the styles of retro. 

Check out these retro Danish designs inspired by the 50’s that are newly launched by Goodrich Global.  

BN International brand created the Stitch collection whereby the pop art styled wallcoverings come with new patterns of geometric and organic shapes, monochromes and quirky colour. 

Bring on the upbeat and energetic vibes by mixing sharp shapes with cool blues and greens, or organic pattern with hot pink, neon yellow and reds. It’s such a good vibration. Stitch collection comes with 6 bombastic designs in 44 colours.


About BN International 
BN is the wallcovering design specialist with an unprecedented tradition. Since its foundation in 1926, the Dutch company has been a source of innovative wallcoverings. 

In a fusion between design and in-house production new manufacturing and print techniques are developed, resulting in cutting edge design and an abundance of opportunities for architects and stylists to create remarkable and atmospheric interiors.