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08 January 2018 378004 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

1. Adorn the Walls with Fresh Looking Wallcovering
Jazz up your living room by adding wallcovering to your walls for a brighter and more playful vibe.

2. Have Fun with Fabrics

Play around with your cushion and furniture fabric choices for a fresh and colourful living room.

3.  Change Your Curtains

Switch your living room by changing your curtains.  Use brighter colours and patterns to brighten up your room for a more cheerful and fun look!

4. Update Your Carpet Rug

Add a rug or carpet to spice up the room by adding colour and vibrance. Your carpet can serve as a show-stopper piece to perk up your living room.

5. Revamp Your Flooring

Use vinyl, laminate or enginerred timber based flooring for a fresh new look.