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09 February 2018 Retro-Drawstring-bags-3 DIY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2018: SEW FREE ANGPOW DRAWSTRING POUCH

Want a fabulous pouch to hold all your angpows? Whether you are giving or receiving this cute DIY pouch is a fashionable way to keep your angpows this Chinese New Year. Your pouch would be completely unique and customized just for you.
This simple DIY can be completed with 10 steps. All you would need is a pair of scissors, a ruler, liquid stitch glue, fabric (5 in. x 16 in.) and ribbon (2) 20 in. pieces.
1. Fold your fabric over. Place your fabric in front of you horizontally on a clear table. Take one of the shortest sides of the fabric and fold it over so that now it is inside out.

2. Measure and mark your ends. Using your ruler, from the short and open end of the fabric, measure two inches from the edge. Make a small mark. Repeat for the other three edges. (You should be making these marks on the “correct side” of the fabric).

3. Glue together the fabric. With the four pencil marks in place and our fabric still folded over, we are now ready to start using our Liquid Stitch to glue together the fabric. Starting from the side of the fabric that is folded, start gluing along the edge until you reach your pencil mark. Do not glue beyond your mark. If you do, quickly wipe off the excess glue with a q-tip or with your fingers. Use your fingers to pat down the fabric and settle the glue.
4. Repeat for the other side of the fabric.
5. Leave your project on a clear table for about ten minutes.
6. Fold down the open end of the fabric and make a crease so that it is now 1 in. instead of 2 in. Unfold your fabric. Using your crease as a reference point, make a glue strip slightly below from one side to another. Fold down your fabric to set the glue in place. Repeat on the other side.

7. Cut your ribbon into (2) 20 in. pieces. Take one piece and tie the ends together twice to make a double knot. Repeat with the other piece of ribbon.

8. Once you're done, place the ribbons on top of each other, with each tied ends on the opposite side of the other.
(a) Holding the two pieces of ribbon together, tuck it below the just glued strip. Make sure that the ribbon and glue do not touch. Using your Liquid Stitch, make a glue strip about half an inch below the ribbon and glue down the fabric.

(b) After you're done with one side, make sure that no glue seeped through the fabric, gluing your bag together. If you find that the opening of the pouch is glued together, carefully detach the fabric now, since the glue is not fully dry yet.

(c) Repeat sub-step (a) on the other side of the fabric.

9. Leave your project on a table for an hour or two to fully dry; the longer you let it dry, the better. Your bag should still be inside out.

10. After your bag is dry, flip your bag so that the correct side of the fabric is on the outside. You now have a functional draw string bag!

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