tr?id=452824429410686&ev=PageView&noscript=1 Exude classic Parisian Elegance with Moduleo Moods, Chevron!
10 March 2018 MO_109-Chevron-Columns-Contemporary_TR-Blackjack-Oak-22220-22937_ROOM_14569 Exude classic Parisian Elegance with Moduleo Moods, Chevron!

Turn your creativity into reality with Moduleo Moods Flooring!

Moods Flooring is a suite of luxury vinyl planking in colours, textures and shapes that allow for highly unique flooring patterns that range from classically elegant to wildly dynamic.

Exude true Parisian elegance with Moduleo Moods, Chevron!

"A true tribute to classic Parisian style and elegance"

The chevron basic pattern has been rapidly gaining in popularity over the past few years, and it's easy to see why: it combines the charm and class of the herringbone pattern with a stronger presence and intensity - a true tribute to the classic Parisian style and elegance.

The chevron columns pattern is a striking decorative combination of the Chevron Basic pattern and a slim plank forming a strip along the length of the floor. The result is a wonderful colonial flair that emphasizes the length of the room.

With such a classic and timeless design, you will never go wrong with the Chevron pattern by Moduleo Moods!

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