12 March 2018

Turn your creativity into reality with Moduleo Moods Flooring!

Moods Flooring is a suite of luxury vinyl planking in colours, textures and shapes that allow for highly unique flooring patterns that range from classically elegant to wildly dynamic.

Add character to your living spaces with Moduleo Moods Herringbone!

"One of the most successful flooring patterns ever created" 

The herringbone small pattern is one of the most successful flooring patterns ever created and dates back many centuries. the fact that it's found in grand castles just as well as modern day family homes is a clear sign of the charm and diversity of this pattern - a true timeless classic, if you will. Even better, Moduleo Moods takes this pattern one step further with the rare option of a concrete stone variation. 

"Sure to add character to any interior, from classic to contemporary"

Moduleo offers a range of expressive variations on the Herringbone small pattern that are sure to add character to any interior, from classic to contemporary.

The Herringbone Slim pattern brings a modern elegance to the archetypal herringbone pattern, with the elongated aspect of the slim plank providing a stylish look that is ideally suited for larger spaces or surfaces. It is available in three decorative special options that combine two colour tones for an intriguing interplay of colour and texture that adds a refined graphic signature to your interior.

It is truly a bold and confident statement.

So why not give your living spaces character with Moduleo Moods Herringbone!

Read more about Moduelo Moods: https://tinyurl.com/y9sf9j8v