13 March 2018

Turn your creativity into reality with Moduleo Moods Flooring!

Moods Flooring is a suite of luxury vinyl planking in colours, textures and shapes that allow for highly unique flooring patterns that range from classically elegant to wildly dynamic.

Add Intricacy and Delicacy with Moduleo Moods Staggered collection!

The staggered bands pattern is a dynamic and modern version of the traditional wooden planks floor. Mixing the small, slim, short, medium and standard plank and placing them in randomly composted bands allow you to create a floor that has all of the qualities of a planks floor but that is rigid and linear.
The staggered columns pattern combines the whole range of our rectangular planks with our coloured joint strips, resulting in a floor that combines a zen-like harmony with striking detail: broad and gentle columns of wood are broken up by that linear strips, creating a rhythm that is both intricate and delicate.


Read more about Moduleo Moods: https://tinyurl.com/y9sf9j8v