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04 September 2020

Thursday, August 27, 2020 — Goodrich Global hosted our Zoom Webinar focused on: Opt for Disinfected Walls: Wallcoverings and Wall Protection. A crowd of over 300 architects, property owners, hotel housekeepers, healthcare facilities managers and designers region-wide attended this webinar.

Mr. Yasushi Furukawa, Chief Operating Officer, addressed the situation of COVID-19 and how Goodrich Global remains open and supportive to our clients with new products. Currently, all our offices and galleries are taking the necessary measures to ensure our employees are safe and sound.

Jean Leong, Head of Marketing, introduced an ensuite of catalogues that will be showcasing wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets and floorings suitable for various industries: Residential, Hospitality, Commercial, Healthcare and Education.

Lastly, our guest speaker, Mr Sebastian Heib from J. Josephson, shared two of the latest collections: INVISICAP ( wallcoverings) and P3TEC ( wall protection ) that are antimicrobial, chemical resistant and easy to maintain which are ideal to be used in hospitality, healthcare and residential.

INVISICAP - Antimicrobials are chemicals that can reduce the spread of germs including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Chlorine bleach, which can destroy harmful bacteria, is an example of an antimicrobial product.

Studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus can survive for up to 72 hours on surfaces made of plastic and stainless steel. This has led to a rising interest in antimicrobial coatings for frequently-touched surfaces like door handles, shopping carts, elevator buttons and handrails. These coatings have the ability to kill a variety of microorganisms and reduce the risk of virus transmission in public and healthcare settings.

Applying InvisiCap PVF film to Goodrich’s wall furnishes will ensure complete chemical protection for our wallcovering while preserving the nuanced, natural looks of silks, linens, woven textures, and other designs. Ordered as a custom run, with normal lead times, InvisiCap protects against all cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, in any concentration. When a facility needs natural-looking wallcovering with no cleaning limitation, specify InvisiCap on almost any of our PremierWall and WideWall collections.

P3TEC – The new Advanced Wall Protection

Easy to clean walls are the top concern of many facilities’ management of shopping mall, healthcare, Food & Beverage chains, spas and schools. Keeping the walls clean at all times will be highly critical especially during the period of a COVID-19 pandemic.

Introducing the innovative P3TEC, Advanced wall protection which allows easy maintenance, protects the walls in a high-traffic area and yet looks ascetically pleasing.  

The Key breakthrough of P3TEC is the compelling collection of eleven designs, with ten emboss textures and 200 colour choices. Bring the look of silk, linen and wovens to high-traffic, highly-abusive areas in healthcare, food services, transportation and much more. Check out the 3 unique features of this P3Tec Wall Protection covering.

1. Performance
i. Impact Resistant
ii. Chemical Resistant
iii. Abrasion Resistant
2. Easy to use
i. By the Roll
ii. Seamless Covering
iii. Installation
3. Design
Collection –148 choices.

Broken walls in the gym or lift lobbies, stained walls from strong disinfectants or the oils used in the SPA, torn wallcovering and chipped paint due to high trolley traffic,… sounds familiar? We all know these walls from our projects, walls that constantly need to be re-done, take up maintenance cost and require closure of the affected area…

Solving these problems inspired us when we developed P3TEC advanced wall protection. Superior resistance to ImpactChemical and Abrasion. The elegant natural looks of silks, linens and wood that combine both protection and decoration in one innovative new product concept.

Hospitals . Labs . Senior living . Rehabilitation centres . Medical offices . Urgent care . Veterinarians . Airports . Bus stations . Train stations . Retail stores . Colleges . Casinos . Spas . Restaurants . Food service . Fitness centres . Police stations . Museums . Banks  . Arenas . Lobbies . Restrooms . Back of house and more . 

Rest assured with the current vinyl wallcoverings that Goodrich has installed in commercial and hospitality interiors are incompliance with the antimicrobial and environmentally friendly too. 

Product Catalogue: INVISICAP Catalogue
Product Catalogue: P3TEC Catalogue

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