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Jan 2019

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Imagine recuperating after a surgery amidst an elegant space that is beautifully decorated to remind you of home. Thomson Medical Centre (TMC), was looking for a design unlike anything the industry had seen. The mandate was to design a space that felt more like a home than a hospital. Goodrich Global was roped in to work alongside the design team to incorporate high-performance furnishings to complement the desired aesthetics.

When approaching the décor of a patient room, TMC has a hierarchy of needs, “As the largest private women and children’s hospital, Thomson Medical Centre has helped families celebrate life by embracing the birth of countless babies for close to 40 years. Since inception, TMC was known as a hospital that gave women a comfortable ambiance to make childbirth an enjoyable experience. Wards and suites in the hospital were specially designed to be pleasant and comfortable, almost like your bedroom at home, to give our patients the sense that they were in a ‘home away from home’,” shares Warren Wu, TMC spokesperson.

Hallways on the premium suite floors are laid in carpet tiles from Goodrich Global to reduce noise and imbue a luxurious ambience.

     Today, evidence based design suggests that patients’ surroundings have a major impact on the outcomes. Many medical studies have shown that single patient rooms, noise absorbing floors, exposure to natural light alleviate the healing process. Top of the list is its interior design. Modern day healthcare settings are now primed to offer warmth and cosiness so as to exude a homely vibe.

Wu continues, “Through the years, although the definition of comfort and style has evolved, TMC continues to hold true to its values. To keep abreast of the changing needs of our patients, TMC constantly upgrades and updates its rooms to provide patients with a modern and up-to-date environment to rest and recover, during their stay with us.”

     The newly refurbished premium delivery suite exudes a calming ambience and luxurious details enhanced by a muted color theme to complement the wood works. Moss green wallcovering flanks the bed and desk while a settee is appropriately upholstered in a matching hue. Highlighting the suite are metallic accents on the framed artworks, arm chair and blackout curtains.

     Outside, the hallways are the first impression that counts. Always dubbed the “front” of the house, this space hosts the utmost standards for style, cosiness and comfort. The hallways to the premium suites are padded with noise reduction carpeted floors in soothing indigo to endure the rigours of heavy foot fall and stay hygienic all day. A textured wallcovering iridescent in taupe offers a grand welcome.

     On a lighter note, the floor which houses the nursey features sky blue wallcoverings to complement the light gray vinyl flooring. Similarly, the nursery walls are decorated with a vibrant wallcovering which features a flock of cheery feathered creatures perched on strings of twine seemingly gathered in a merry tune. The Goodrich team believes that aesthetics and safety can be balanced with a discerning choice of wallcovering, flooring and fabrics. Managing the visual clutter than adding to it is another important consideration. A beautifully proportioned space with a nice window and view, with considerations for privacy and dignity, controllable layers of lighting, and high-performance materials make a big impression before anything else is added.

     The interior updates respond to a need to bring patients and their experiences to the front of the priorities. Through this, the transformation contributes to the development of the practice of interior design for medical environments that go beyond the practicality of the administrative and medical procedures, creating relaxing, warm spaces that feel more like a retreat, and less like a clinical space; as a way to contribute to the healing process by providing spaces of comfort and support.

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