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Jul 2020

Feature Walls: Ways to let your walls do the talking

Wall art is an important part of interior decorating as it uplifts the ambiance of a room. You can add character to any space with a feature wall in a beautiful floral wallcovering or one with a city skyline. The effect is show-stopping and contributes to a winning aesthetic. 

Completely easy to install, a feature wall is a quick fix to change an existing style. Choose from a selection of graphic patterns and colours, vibrant or monochrome to tone done or play up a particular theme. 

What's your style? Personalize your space with delectable textures, colours and prints that best define you. Free the mind and let your sense do the talking. 

Floral - Bringing nature indoors with garden inspirations 

Contemporary - Streamlined prints in easy monochromatic 

Resort - Laid back elegance with smooth lines and neutral shades 

Geometric - Bold shapes, solid colors and unconventional patterns

Murals - A fashionable take with flair and flourish

Stripes - Timeless favourite with opulence, glided details and antique charm 

Modern Classic - Ornate, opulent and timeless regal old-world charms. 

8 ways to let your walls do the talking

1. Quick makeover: A quick fix to change a room's style. Choose from a selection of subtle patterns and colours to tone down or play a particular theme. 

2. Undercover: Cover flaws and protects the wall surface. 

3. Visual play: A fabulous tools for optical illusion, making a small room bigger, narrow corridors wider and a large room cosier. 

4. Elegance embraced: Provides an air of quality and richness from bare walls. 

5. Boldly Forward: Elevates character in dull rooms.

6. Personalised Art: An excellent canvass for creating texture with your favourite prints and patterns. 

7. Express yourself: Unleash your creativity! Select a wallcovering that best represents your personality and style. 

8. Textures & Tales: A more interesting option to paints, wallcoverings are economical, lasting, easy to maintain and install. 

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