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Mystic Hues of plush maroons and gold are colours will definitely invoke mystical themes and gives any spaces a sense of depth and mystery. Mystic Hues will be launched in the upcoming The Yearbook Edition 17 this 2019. Transform your spaces with redefined and high-end interior furnishings.

Wallcovering from Omexco Goodrich is so pleased to be featuring Gala collection from one of our best-selling Belgium brand, Omexco. With all its splendour, Gala welcomes us in a magnificent atmosphere, worthy of an evening at the opera. Omexco composes this new non-woven collection around the leitmotiv of damasks, while two timeless plains, one matt and one metallic, complete the range.  

Inspirations    Being inspired by the opera, Gala enters the scene on an exuberant note with large baroque damask in deep orange enhanced with gold leaf, continues with small classic damask, carries us off with a damask design with ottoman accents and ends its journey with contemporary textured and embossed damask. Set in sumptuous atmospheres, soft or generous and warm, back and forth between shadows and light, contrasts and baroque accents, gold and silver luster. Gala seduces us by its shades of glacé chestnut; golden brown, burnt orange; amber yellow, pearl and silver grey; linen; ochre yellow; celadon green; pastel; violet etc. Wallcovering Specifications   The printed non-woven wallcoverings have a width of one metre and are sold cut length.  Ecological, printed thanks to solar energy with water-based colours (no solvents), they also have a good light resistance and obtained a European B s1-d0 fire rating. Thanks to the marine certificate they can be used on cruise ships. The breathable aspect of the wallcoverings enables installation even in humid climates or environments. Easy to install and washable, the wallcoverings are suitable for contract use in residential, commercial and hospitality interior projects.

Fabrics Goodrich paired off this damask wallcovering Gala with fabrics from Verdi Applique, Icon collection by renowned British brand, Zoffany from Style Library. This original design, crafted in Zoffany’s studio features an abstract motif on a richly coloured 100% linen ground. The velvet applique is embroidered creating exquisite details and light reflecting qualities that will definitely make a statement for an armchair in your living space.   Fabric Specifications Verdi Applique is 129 cm in width and composed of 70% Linen 30% Viscose. The vertical and horizontal pattern repeats 29cm and 26 cm respectively.

No living spaces are complete without floor coverings such like Rolls carpets from Sangetsu and Natural Creations from Armstrong for your interiors brings different comfort to your feet depending on what you would like to have. A soft and warm feel for the carpet or hard and cooling feel for your homes!

Luxury Vinyl Flooring from Armstrong Natural Creations is strong but soft to the underfoot, maintaining a comfortable temperature in all seasons. And It’s exceptionally easy to clean! The collection comes in varied fashionable colours that will add that luxurious look to your interiors.   Vinyl flooring Specifications It resists heat and sunlight, maintaining its shape and stability even at temperature extremes. Vinyl is waterproof, which makes it perfect for kitchens or other high-traffic areas such as a living room. It is available in stone/bamboo and wood, wear/stain/chemical resistant and ASTM E648, Class 1 & ASTM E662 fire rated.

Another option of flooring that will be Roll Carpet from Sangetsu. Sangetsu being one of the largest supplier in Japan offers wide varieties of carpets for commercial and residential that suit any project, from a residential makeover to large scale installation, it comes in broadloom ( wall to wall) in customizable sizes and tiles form.

Roll Carpet Specifications Material is 80% wool and 20% nylon. Repeat pattern 165.5cm vertically and 366cm horizontally. Length of pile is 7mm, total thickness at 9.5mm. 1 color at least 500 metre square.

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