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08 November 2019

Goodrich WideWall Mixture
Manufactured using the Microvented Technology, Yorkshire, Skye, Bourton and Notts are breathable wallcoverings from the Goodrich WideWall Mixture collection. In Microvented Wallcoverings, there are 250,000 micro holes created per square metre. These holes allow the hot humid air to pass through permeable surfaces and prevent the growth of mould. Once installed in buildings, the Home Control Air Conditioning (HCAC) system will also contribute to the removal of moisture. These wallcoverings are suitable for residential, hospitality and commercials projects.

 WXE4581 Yorkshire WXE4585 Tenby WXE4589 Skye

The P3TEC provides protection against impact, chemicals and abrasion, one roll at a time. Its provides excellent performance, easy installation and user-friendliness, and compelling design. Users can create a full-height, seamless installation with the textured look of natural weaves. The P3TEC collection offers nine patterns and 148 colour selections, the ideal choice for decorating the toughest interiors, including food service areas, medical facilities with extreme cleaning needs, transportation hubs, and other high-traffic public and back-of-house spaces.

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