15 April 2020

Since 1983, Goodrich Global has been known to create custom made carpets for commercial and hospitality interiors. Axminster custom made carpets is a heavy-duty carpet designed to be highly durable and easy to maintain.  Therefore, making them the best solution for a busy environment. Our range of Axminster carpets hold up extremely well under foot traffic and even heavy loads. These commercial carpets make them ideal for public spaces that get a lot of use. Their superior aesthetic combines with their durability will create a look that lasts. Furthermore, there is a barrier in the backing that offers moisture and stain resistance, so you can be sure spills and wet shoes won’t translate into damage. Over the years, we have designed and installed such carpets for hotelsshopping mallssocial clubsplaces of interests and transport terminals throughout South-East Asia. Goodrich’s Axminster carpets are also entirely customisable, the colours and patterns can be designed to fit our client’s exact specifications and design inspirations. Our wall-to-wall carpets are produced on state-of-the-art looms, allowing for large quantities, maximum design potential and the possibility of hand-carved detailing. Having established strong relationships with carpet mills since 1983, we can ensure the highest quality of carpets and rugs.

​In 2020, Goodrich has just successfully completed a large scale of bespoke Woven Jacquard Axminster carpets  for the Marina Bay Cruise Centre, Singapore. Our Goodrich Design Studio worked with the team from Singapore Tourism Board from design conceptualisation to realisation. This Cruise Centre is one of Asia’s biggest cruise terminals, providing smooth air-sea transfer in Singapore. Located at Marina South, the terminal is built on an area of 60,000 m² (650,000 sq ft).

Since the terminal faces the sea, the team wanted to bring in the design elements inspired by the sea waves and shades of the blue-green ocean inspired colour palettes into the public areas for the arrival and departure halls. Grey accents were added to the blue-green designs to create depth and define the wave-like swirls. In the VIP lounge area, the team decided to bring the wave-like design elements but using the beige-brown hues to complement the existing wall furnishings and furniture.  Both the carpets have a good combination of 20-50% wool and 50%-80% polyester blend respectively.  The wool blends in these wall-to-wall carpets have the ability to extinguish fires due to its natural flame-retardant features. It won’t give off any nasty toxic fumes either, which minimises the risk of dangerous smoke inhalation. Therefore, these carpets are a great safety choice for this terminal.

We are pleased that the customer’s ideas were brought to life and elevate the customer’s experience at this cruise terminal. From conceptualisation to realization, Goodrich has successfully completed the project within five months. In addition, we were honoured to receive a complimentary letter from the Infrastructure Planning and Management (Cruise), Policy & Planning Group of Singapore Tourism Board. They were pleased with the high-quality of workmanship and excellent project management provided to them. Furthermore, they were impressed with how the Goodrich’s Team was well supervised and highly-responsive. And most of all, Goodrich displayed a willingness to go above and beyond to meet their deadlines so they can prepare for their daily cruise ship calls.

Whether you already have a design idea or need the inspiration to refresh your space, our Goodrich Design Studio will bring your vision to life.  Our sterling reputation for reliability and excellence makes Goodrich Global your choice supplier, distributor, fabricator and partner for all projects projects big or small.  With the largest service and installation team in the region, we work closely with design firms and property operators in providing the perfect Axminster custom made carpet floorings for your commercial or hospitality environment.

Photos: Arrival and Departure Hall Areas

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Photos: VIP Lounge 

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