29 May 2020

2 key considerations

For affordable and easy to install flooring, many consumers will select either vinyl planks or carpet tiles. Both flooring types come in a variety of different colors and designs to fit any home and commercial spaces. They are both definitely less expensive than other types of flooring such as hardwoods and wall to wall carpets.

So what are the 2 key considerations that one needs to take when they select the right flooring?

Consideration 1: Living space environment. It is important to select the floorings that will best suited to the customer’s living space environment. Some questions that you would like to answer:

Do you have elderly or children at home? Do you have pets living with you? If it is yes to both of the questions, then both vinyl floorings and carpet tiles offer easy to clean and pet friendly benefits.

Consideration 2: Easy to install and maintenance benefits. You could easily shorten your renovation time when you opt to use vinyl floorings and carpet tiles.

Now, that you have completed listing down your considerations, it would be great to know more about the vinyl flooring and carpet tiles available at Goodrich Global.

Both collections will offer you the sleekest and stylish looks for your floors.

GEFF Vinyl Signature – the latest innovation product from Goodrich Global, luxurious vinyl plank with the click system. Each plank is designed with strength, performance, luxury and style all built into the floor. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then hardwood flooring planks have never been more complimented. Bring the freshness of nature into your indoors with every plank designed to have a natural effect. Goodrich environmentally friendly GEFF Vinyl flooring collection comes in 9 colourways. Provide your residential, office and commercial floors a covering that is so beautiful yet affordably priced. Typically the vinyl floorings are used in office chill out rooms, living rooms and retail spaces. The soft look of the wood in brown to grey hues does add soft touches to the overall ambience.


Premierfloor NT790 | NT3000 | NT310 carpet tiles are three collections that are constructed with a tufted multi-level loop carpet tiles. The multi-level loop pile is created by using loops of various heights to create a textured appearance. The high and low loops are cleverly interwoven randomly to achieve the 3-dimensional look. These level loop carpet tiles have all the loops at a uniform length a distinct texture at level and tightly weaved. Therefore, it does not show footprints or shoe marks. These sturdy loops are durable for medium traffic areas. Furthermore, carpet tiles are ideal for home offices, general offices and gaming media rooms. The carpet tiles will reduce the sounds of footsteps and media gaming sounds.  On top of it, should there be any stain, damage made on one tile, it can be easily be replaced with a new modular tile.

A total of 3 designs with 10 SKUS/Colourways which are ideal for hospitality and commercial projects. Carpet tiles come in modular formats which are easy to install, and easy to clean. The embedded pattern and the neutral colour remain consistent from tile to tile while the accent colours change, making each tile unique. It is this subtle colour variation that contributes to the ease of installation by eliminating concerns about matching dye lots and limited installation methods.

Taking into 2 considerations : easy to maintain and installation, both vinyl floorings and carpet tiles will definitely be great choice for any living spaces.

Product Showcase: GEFF Vinyl Signature  |  Premierfloor NT790 | NT3000 | NT310
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