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30 June 2020

ABOUT SHAPES & SHADES: A new initiative of Goodrich Global – We are the curator of spaces Creating walls. It is created to be a visual platform that will share about interior decorating ideas that are shaping the built environments today. The Shapes & Shades series aims to explore decorating finishes from walls to the floor. The art of curating spaces with impeccable wallcoverings. The latest wall finishing trends from Leading American and European design houses.

INTRODUCTION: Goodrich Global is excited to launch a new compilation of an exhaustive range of tried and tested decorating tips from design experts, who are interior designers, architects, hotel chain operators, property developers and homeowners, whom Goodrich Global is honoured to serve as clients. A purveyor of exclusive and bespoke wallcoverings. The new full-range comprehensive Shapes & Shades catalogue will be available on our website.

The new 16-page catalogue aims to explore decorating finishes from walls to the floor. In this first edition, we start the decorating journey by creating walls with flair. A formidable decorating tip, in creating impactful spaces. In this catalogue, we cover the analysis of the latest trends in interior furnishing by serving practical ideas and guides to choosing the right material and designs for modern interiors.

Over the years, Goodrich Global has became the leading supplier of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets and flooring materials. With 37 years of experience and our track records, you could definitely trust us. We came up with 3 essential steps to make easier upon selecting the right wallcoverings for the right wall.

Step 1: LOCATION – Identifying the focal wall

The focal wall is the first wall you see upon stepping inside a space. It should be highly visible from the entrance and used to highlight the focus point of the space.

Step 2: THEMES – Consider the themes and style of the space

Like a blank canvas, living space is a gallery of creative self-expression to showcase a personal style. In a commercial space, finding the right theme is very important as it conveys your brand essence and sets the right ambiance. 7 popular themes to explore are Abstract, Artistry, Mural, Nature, Geometrics, Digital Print and Colour Bar.

Step3: COLOUR – Choose the right colour and lighting to match the style

Elaborate on the chosen theme with colours to highlight and complement the overall style of the space.

The 7 popular themes:


Build your narrative blending old and new, taking the past and making it your own. A space to indulge in curiosity, use your hands to become makers and celebrate perfect imperfections. Time honoured materials – wood, leather and stone embraced in a modern context for spaces that are moody, atmospheric and eclectic. Our artistry wallcoverings consist of many different brands. Such as phillip jeffries, vahallan and texam. These brands are perceived as luxury interior design and wall coverings that offers elegant and sophisticated wallcovering


An expressive space that celebrates individuality and enjoys the pleasures of living. Combine with artisanal materials, a rich colour palette and beautiful fabrics for a warm and inspiring atmosphere. Let bold colors, strong abstract brush strokes dominate a space. The glistening lines and creative subjects are an ideal match to give a contemporary look to your space. The abstract wallcoverings that we offer will highlights your space with a unique backdrop plan. If you are looking for an incredible method to merge into a pleasing ambience, consider picking unique Abstract wallcoverings for your walls

3. Mural – A PIECE OF ART

Captured scenes bring transformative energy into spaces to be open and receptive to playful experiences. Create a mood that is young and vital, modern and relaxed, soulful and nostalgic. The mural wallcoverings that we offer walks the line of chic sophistication and stark glamour. These clean and sleek designs put a fresh, on-trend spin on design inspirations, often bringing simplistic patterns and colours to life with a bold, clean look. Setting the most fashion-forward design and color trends, contemporary wallpaper brings geometrics, textures, florals and more to futuristic heights of a la mode fascination.


Love for nature is the new pillar of design. Space is welcoming when people can enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of being surrounded by lush greenery and organically charged textures. Botanical prints bring the outside in and boost a sense of well-being and relaxed style. Nowadays, more people tend to opt for a nature wallcovering for its ability to transform a room. Unlike regular wallcovering, which often has a repeating pattern, nature wallcovering fills an entire wall with a single, mural-like image. Usually depicting an outdoor tableau, the wallcovering brings nature inside and lends old-world appeal to space. 


A stratum of patterns in beautiful rhythms of symmetry and material mix in vibrant colours create a dynamic energizing look which allows you to find joy in the unexpected. An environment that stimulates the senses and delights its occupants. Our geometric wallcoverings are filled with patterns in vibrant colours which create a new jubilant version of maximalism. Geometric wallcovering provides buoyant and luxurious touch to your homes and offices. It gives a perfect blend of aesthetic and modern style. Your kitchen and washroom can be unveiled in modernity with the geometric wallcovering.


Personalise a space with a treasured moment captured as a digital printed wallcovering. Immortalise photographs, a unique scene, cityscapes and artistic illustrations at home and workspaces for a space packed with character. Digital print wallcovering is becoming the trend for design-centric those who fancy a fantastic photo mural with bespoke details and is fully customizable for your personal enjoyment. We offer customizable high printing quality services with fine details wallcoverings.


A colour scheme is the foundation of interior design. Colours, lights, and shades constantly surround us. The use of different colours is the quickest, easiest and most realistic way to transform a room. Notice that some people usually use paints to decorate the wall since it is easier to prepare than wallcovering, yet wallcovering attracts hearts with its beautiful colours, textures and patterns. With wallcovering being in vogue in the interior design, you may consider having some hints of colour and added texture on your walls.

You can also catch SHAPES & SHADES: now on our new podcast series on Spotify HERE! Goodrich Global sincerely hopes to help in creating beautiful space easier. Follow us on Spotify to be in the loop for our update.

Product Catalogue:  Shapes & Shades Catalogue
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