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01 October 2020

Yes or No to wallpapers? In general, people are worried that wallpapers are outdated, old-fashioned, difficult to install and labour intensive. .are worried about people will either love wallcovering or dislike it.  If the right wallpaper or wallcoverings are selected and the proper steps taken to install them, you can have everlasting and happy relationships with your wallcoverings. Furthermore, wallcoverings change the whole look and feel of the ambiance of the room. After so many decades, the quality and designs of wallcoverings have evolved dramatically!

Tip 1 Wallcovering Captures Your Style and Vibe

When narrowing down the style of wallcovering work for your home, start with some research to see what type of wallcoverings you like.

The type of colours, patterns, themes or textures is drawn to you. Chances are you find something you love if you spend time looking for inspiration. By doing research, it will allow you to see all the wonderful options available and hence, you will get excited about it. There are seven frequently asked styles that customer look for in wallcoverings: artistry, abstract, geometrics, digital print , nature, colour bar and mural

mirador whitemirador
Wallcovering & Fabric by Mirador Collection – style library

Pro tip: Take your time and find a wallcovering that captures your sight and vibe for your space. Your wallcovering will be with you for some time, so you might as well enjoy the searching process. Your ideal wallcovering is out there, so have fun finding it! Try to get a swatch of the wallcovering and place them against the wall so you could visualise better under the natural lights.

Tip 2: Wallcovering Doesn’t Need to Overwhelm and shout out
If bold and colourful prints didn’t manage to capture your heart, turn to other types of understated options to create the look and feel that you are looking for. Perhaps abstract pattern or a small-scale print feels more natural in your space. Or maybe a solid or textured print feels more true to your style.

Textured wallcovering prints lend warmth, depth and comfort to any room. Textured walls can also add a feeling of lushness and luxury to a more traditional living space. Explore the option to have wallcovered walls versus paint.

Wallcovering by Online Collection – Texam

These days, there are loads of awesome geometric prints that capture a contemporary and high-energy vibe. In the right space, geometric wallcoverings can feel light and fun, and add a playfulness to your room, even if the pattern or color is more subtle.

anthology 07 
Wallcovering by Anthology 07 Collection – Anthology

Choosing solid-colored, patterned wallcoverings can add a lush feel to your room design. Using a solid-colored wallcovering with a sheen can add drama and depth, as the light reflects off the paper to create a brighter and more textured space.

Wallcovering by Canevas Collection - Casadeco

 Pro tip: Solid-colored, dark wallcoverings can be dramatic and stunning in the right space. Rooms with any combination of tall ceilings, big trims and moldings or lots of natural light will be the best rooms to balance the boldness.

Tip 3 Wallcovering Can Be Featured, Like Art
In the past, wallcovering was most often used as a backdrop in any room, being slapped on every wall to make an impact. These days, there are so many beautifully crafted wallcoverings to choose from and many more ways to add a custom touch. A feature wall is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to make a statement, using wallcovering like art. Featuring wallcovering on a single wall adds character, charm and individuality — like an original painting would. Feature walls also give you a chance to go big and bold with your paper choice so your wall really projects that art-like vibe. Whether for a full-wall, a partial-wall or an odd-shaped nook, wallcovering can create a distinct design feature in your home, as well as a pretty focal point in your space.

Wallcovering by Skin Collection  - Eijffinger

 Pro tip: In choosing which wall to feature, it’s helpful to stand back in your space and take note of your options. There are always options when it comes to which wall(s) to highlight, even when it looks to be an obvious choice. Sometimes getting creative when it comes to your wall selection can make for the most enjoyable and uniquely designed spaces.

Tip 4. Wallcovering Works in Unconventional Spaces
Wallcovering can be a great way of making a tiny, odd-shaped or unconventional room into a stunning space. Do you have a closet, a powder room or a nook that needs a little love?

Wallcovering by Seville Collection – Cole & Son

Wallcovering sometimes makes the biggest impact in small or unusual spaces. Adding wallcovering to an interesting area in your home is also an inexpensive way to add some serious design cred, as usually, one or two rolls will do the trick.


Tip 5. Wallcoverings Are Low Maintenance
Contemporary wallcoverings are much more durable and low maintenance than most of us realize. The external side of most residential wallcoverings are made of vinyl, so they are extremely durable and easily washable, unlike papers of times past. This means they’re less likely to scratch, tear or stain.

glidded accent grid 
Wallcovering by Glidded Accent & Grid – Phillip Jeffries 

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