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26 October 2020

On 23rd October, 2020, Goodrich Global was awarded the "Cities of Love Award 2020".

In this short video  , Jean Leong , Head of Marketing,  shared about the inspiring projects that Goodrich has been doing since 2010 for the love of our community. Goodrich Singapore came up with 3 ideas to upcycle and repurpose excess interior materials into good use. 

Gifting back to charity was one of the ideas. Our organization has been always passionate about driving charitable causes. We strongly believe in enriching lives and promoting empathy within our organization. One of the most memorable moments was when we worked alongside MediaCorp: RenoAID program and Dr. Door in refurnishing 6 homes.

We were most glad to be able to revitalize not only their homes but their lives too. The fulfilling feeling of giving back to those in need is unparalleled. It is of great pleasure for Goodrich Global to be a part of the Cities of Love Award. We hope to continue to enliven living spaces and enrich lives.


Watch Video here.