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27 October 2020

On 23rd October 2020, Goodrich Global was awarded the “Cities of Love Award 2020”. Enlivening living spaces and enriching lives, Goodrich has been passionately doing these since 1983. Over the years, we have been beautifying spaces with our wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets and floorings.

Our Goodrich brand is synonymous with exquisite finishes. These interior finishes come in beautiful textures and colours. Our wallcoverings are used in interior projects for the hotel’s guest rooms, lobbies, offices and homes. But, what does Goodrich do with these unused materials? Wallcovering rolls, fabrics, floorings leftover from projects? We did not want to throw these items out so we came up with 3 ideas to put all these unused materials into good use. Visit our youtube channel as Jean Leong, Head of Marketing, shared the three ideas. Watch Video here.

Our first idea was how can help nonprofit organizations into monetizing these wallcoverings. So we contacted social organizations such as AWWA Asian Women’s Welfare Association and MINDS: Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore . And we discussed with them how they could put these wallcoverings into good use.

We were pleased that they used these beautiful materials to wrap the covers of small notebooks and photo frames which they subsequently sold them to corporate businesses. The proceeds from these sales were used to pay the intellectually disabled staff. We were glad to hear that they are able to benefit in monetary terms as well as learning a new skill.

Our second idea was to upcycle our materials such as wallcoverings. So we worked alongside with our printer and brainstormed on new ideas on how we can make use of these wallcoverings. We started using them to wrap the calendar stands of our annual Goodrich calendars so we handed them out as corporate gifts. Our customers loved the idea of seeing aesthetically pleasing calendars sitting pretty on their desks. Furthermore, our interior designers loved the textures and colours too.

Over the years, we gotten more creative and actually started using wallcoverings and fabrics as materials for our GOODRICH DIY social media postings. Little gifting ideas that Goodrich share over the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram on how to make little bags with fabrics, Christmas and Chinese New Year ornamental decorations and photo frames.

The third idea we had was gifting back to charity. Our organization has been always passionate in driving charitable causes. We strongly believe in enriching lives and promoting empathy within our organization.

In 2014, we were honoured to work alongside Mediacorp and Dr. Door in the RenovAID project. We supported the renovation of homes for the less fortunate. We were most glad to be able to revitalize not only their homes but lives too. The fulfilling feeling of giving back to those in need is unparalleled.

We never forget one of the homes that we dressed up. The feature wall of the living room was decked up with scenic inspired wallcoverings. It was the scenery of the London Bridge. The couple suffered from severe illness which did not allow them to travel. When the revamped home was unveiled, they were so happy to see the London bridge in their living room. Such happiness on their faces speaks 1000 words and they are totally unforgettable moments. We were happy to see their happiness and newly completed homes in the 6 episodes on Channel 5.

Over the years we have received Letters of Appreciation from social organizations such as AWWA, MINDS, and St Andrew Autism Centre after helping them in providing materials so as to aid their efforts in public education, community engagement, and advocacy.

Goodrich Global recognizes the need to inspire our staff through such support. We aim to pave the way for charitable acts and motivate others to follow the same. It is of great pleasure for Goodrich Global to be a part of the Cities of Love Award and being recognized for our community efforts. We hope to continue to enliven living spaces and enrich lives.