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SPACE-FINAL-01 Commercial

Interior Showcase - Space illusions

01 August 2017

With countless choices in design, construction, colors, styles and materials, the search for top performance in wallcovering, fabric, carpet and flooring is one of the biggest challenge for today’s interior designers.

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05-1 Commercial

A popular retail chain Yoyo & Nana debuts in Singapore

25 January 2017

Goodrich dressed a popular retail concept selling children’s clothing...

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project-details-placeholder Commercial

Goodrich Global Raising The Green Bar

19 January 2017

We are proud to announce.... 

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06 Commercial

Project Reference: Tuntex Carpet Tile in Wheelock Place

10 January 2017

Strategically located at the Orchard and Paterson Road junction, and conveniently linked to the busy

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15 Commercial

The Makeover of Sultan Mosque

07 November 2016

The Sultan Mosque was... 

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22 Commercial

Interior Showcase – Modern Retreat

04 November 2016

The environment in any commercial space plays a big role in customer perceptions..

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32 Commercial

News Release: Carpet (Tile) from City Tower collection, Premierfloor, Goodrich

31 August 2016

A multi-toned carpet tile collection by.....

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35 Commercial

Carpet (Tile) from City Route collection, Premierfloor, Goodrich

17 August 2016

City Route
a two-toned tufted multi-level loop...

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40 Commercial

Singapore’s iconic Sultan Mosque completes restoration, upgrading works

22 January 2016

Goodrich Global is proud... 

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