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04 November 2016

The environment in any commercial space plays a big role in customer perceptions and is the face of your company. It speaks volumes without saying a word – which is why it’s vital that the right pieces are picked, that will come together seamlessly to represent your brand.

Set the mood
First impressions are everything and what better way is there to set the tone for clients with a feature wall worthy of double take. The Smoke collection by Phillip Jeffries has a wide selection of loud pieces guaranteed to be an eye catcher.

Make a statement
There are normal fabric curtains and then there is a whole different kind of curtain known as metallic curtains that are used as dividers, wall and ceiling decoration. This can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Tell a story by creating a customized design and create an atmosphere in your commercial space that speaks for your brand. Searching for ideas? Look no further than KriskaDECOR.

Let’s Talk Luxury
Now, select a carpet that will really set you apart from the competition. Custom carpets your own design or take your pick from the Shanhua collection. It never disappoints with their wide selection of classy designs.

Durability is Key
Create an outdoor setting with an easy to maintain flooring option. The best outdoor flooring option is Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) Decking by geff. There is no worry from splinters or molding. So whether it is for an open air patio or poolside – look no further than this collection!

Our wide selection of products caters to the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors, so email us at to know more about our products.

Wallcovering from Smoke collection, Phillip Jeffries, Goodrich
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Chain Curtain from KrisaDECOR, Goodrich
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Carpet from Shanhua Collection, Goodrich
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Flooring from Wood Composite (WPC) Decking, geff
To read about the collection, click here

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