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08 May 2017 Goodrich-Global---May-2017_opposite Interior Showcase - Opposite Attracts

Interior Showcase: Opposite Attracts

Circles, triangles and squares. One of the first things we learn as children are basic geometric shapes. And they stay with us throughout our lives. Maybe it’s that sense of familiarity that makes geometrics such a popular pattern in interior design.

Geometrics are at the heart of good design, whether incorporated with the main décor furnishings or as a contrasting design motif to highlight traditional pieces.

Less Is More

When it comes to geometrics, less is more.   For the daring and brave, geometric patterns can be used to create a striking feature wall, but remember that colour does play a big part in creating the overall effect.  It can also be used to creating interesting alcoves either side of a fireplace for instance.

Momentum Vol 4 from Harlequin feature many designs with bold patterns like large scale chevron pattern with graduating colour, repeated geometric diamond motif, repeated design of spiralling circles with shimmering metallic detailing and abstract oriental design with beaded detailing. Use the collection as a feature wall enables one to create a space with depth and visual interest

Adding Accessories

Walls aren’t the only place that you can use for bringing geometric prints trend into your space.  Adding accessories with a print can be a quick way to update the space with the latest trends, and what’s great is that you can refresh these easily if you fall for another trend.

An oversized rug can be used to instantly give a boost of colour and pattern in an otherwise neutral room. To make sure the whole space feels cohesive, try picking a colour from the geometric pattern to then use for other pieces around the room to tie the whole look together. 

Origami rugs from Brink and Campan feature a sharp geometric design with contemporary colour palette. Hand tufted and inspired by the traditional Japanese art of paper folding these beautiful rugs will add a modern accent to any living space.

Complementary Cushions and curtains

Using graphic fabric designs for cushions and curtains help create confident, contemporary style. For bedrooms, seek out bedlinen in a striking geometric fabric, then add throws and cushions in an accent colour to create modern contemporary style.

TheMomentum Vol 7 & 8 of Harlequin fabric range is a collection of fabrics with metallic shine and carefully worked ultra-modern patterns which create a chic effect. Waves created by glittering signals, glossy screens with nebulous contours, geometric shapes crisscrossed with thousands of lines, with copper, gold, silver and pearl highlights. The range reflects an ultra-contemporary spirit: it decorates rooms that are furnished in a minimalist style.

Across the Board

Where geometric patterns were once reserved for walls and backsplash, geometric tile patterns, colors and options are endless for flooring as well. 

A great example is Parador Laminate Trendtime collection turns current international furnishing trends into high quality laminate floors and offers a wide range of authentically interpreted exclusive timbers, individual finishes made of expressive natural materials and creative graphic motifs.

The genuine look of the decors is underlined by the matching surface texture. Floors can be created in an attractive and contemporary fashion very much according to individual tastes.


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