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22 December 2016

We all know that in hospitality and retail, furnishing materials need to be functional besides making the place look good.

Zenus is the next evolution of performance fabrics. With its Dry-Care Technology, stains and spills can be cleaned with just a dry towel. It is eco-friendly, bleach cleanable, and highly durable redefining contract textiles. Zenus has a permanent graffiti-free skin layer on the textile that allows stains and spills to be wiped away with just a dry cloth. Zenus is inherently anti-bacterial (AATCC-100). No biocide or anti-microbial chemical was added for healthy environment. This makes the fabric an excellent choice for hospitality and commercial.

Have you heard of a carpet that could neutralize odour? Tuntex EcoFresh, an environmentally-friendly carpet property that is specially formulated to eliminate common household odours such as pet urine, food and cigarette smoke. It is a self-renewing, odour reducing formula that is effective for the life of the carpet and it is completely safe and natural.

The effectiveness of Tuntex EcoFresh is best understood by comparing it to the way baking soda neutralizes odours in your refrigerator. From mottled patterns in deep blue to zig-zag lines in gold and beige, there are so many ways to enliven the floors of offices.

Art of Renaissance collection from Tuntex besides its creative designs is in-built with EcoFresh and Micro Shield anti-microbial properties.

Even hospitals known for its sterile environments need not be staid looking. With the help of Medintech Plus’ range of colourful vinyl flooring solutions that come in trendy colours such as rock, pearl, gold, champagne, moss and turquoise, a once-utilitarian hospital environment can be given a dose of colour punch. It combines 2 powerful characteristics of floors which is durability and flexibility. Its high durability allows it to last as long as stone tiles. Vinyl uses your bodyweight to prevent slippage thus its less slippery than ceramic, marble, granite and other floorings when it is wet. Such flooring is also recommended schools, offices, hospitality, industrial, retail, etc.


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