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20 June 2017 HEALTH-FINAL-01 Interior Showcase – Performance Driven Products For Healthcare

With significant project expertise and a full installation service, Goodrich offers the most complete and effective furnishing solution to enhance and customize the appearance of the walls and floors in the healthcare industry.

In 2017, Goodrich has received exclusive rights (Singapore and Malaysia) for 2 notable collections: Walldesign and Medintone from Armstrong Flooring that are suitable for spaces with stringent requirements for hygiene, wear resistance and ease of cleaning, for example in hospitals and laboratories.

Walldesign is the 1st heterogeneous vinyl wall covering product from Armstrong Flooring and is designed to provide years of protection to the walls.

Competitive Advantages of Walldesign
Easy to clean - A solid surface with a compacted wear layer, Coating prevents dirt and stain from permeating

High stability - Top Band that adds glass fiber into PVC wallcovering, which ensures product stability and frees products from deformation
Good concealing effect - Targeted at the toughness of wall surface, the unique embossing pattern helps make the wall surface level
Seamless welding - The glass fiber added to the wallcovering allows the product to be resistant to environmental influence and maintain high stability. Seamless welding during installation will provide better visual effect.
In recent years, there has been increasing demand for lean building and remodelling practices in the healthcare industry. Medintone has always been favoured by designers and widely used in projects around the world. Along with the release of the Diamond 10™ technology, Medintone is gorgeously regenerated with 47 new colours, redefining your design with colours.

Competitive Advantages of Medintone:
Cultured diamond-infused coating - Highest scratch, stain and scuff resistance in the industry making it easy for cleaning and maintenance. This helps to solve the problems of large traffic, dirty water marks, and heel prints which can be seen on commercial floors

Rigid wear layer with proprietary texturing methods for realism - Enhanced durability and dimensional stability

Protective Urethane Finishes - A protective urethane finish offers increased scuff resistance with improved maintainability. The durable flooring offers practical advantages including gouge and abrasion resistance and a surface that offers ergonomic benefits by making it easy to push, pull and roll heavy equipment or furniture.

Powered by Crypton®
Patients and their families are naturally attracted to spaces that convey luxury and elegance. Consequently, it is our goal to help designers create a tranquil environment for patients to receive treatment and experience the warmth of their own home.

Hospitable Hides™ Powered by Crypton® provides healthcare designers with high performance leather that provides comfort, durability, and ease of care while containing an active anti-microbial with a wide spectrum of effectiveness to control germs, allergens, and odors.

The high-tech functionality of the Crypton® technology effectively reduces the formation of bacteria and odor. These hides have a reliable, permanent and safe bacteriostatic effect against a large number of gram positive and gram negative bacteria including MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus).

Breathable, stain resistant finish protects against iodine, betadine, blood, urine, coffee, wine, grass, crayons, nail polish remover, and unpleasant odors.

Clean and Green Carpet
All Tuntex carpet tiles are made with solution dyed nylon yarns (which also helps reduce water consumption and waste output). This means the color penetrates deep, all the way through the fiber, and should not fade due to sun or bleach. Because the tiles can be cleaned with a mild bleach solution, they are perfect options for restaurant, education, and healthcare settings where germs and stains can be an issue.

In addition to the yarns, some designs are Micro Shield treated, which has an anti-microbial character that eliminates the growth of microorganisms and has outstanding mildew resistance. This shield is built in between the top of the carpet and the thermoplastic backing. It’s durable and able to protect through multiple shampoo cleanings.

Tuntex also has an ecoFRESH solution which is a self-renewing odor reducer that works against spills or soil on the carpet that would create unpleasant odors. ecoFRESH significantly shortens the time it takes for odors to dissipate, making it ideal for restaurants, education, and healthcare, as well as hospitality.

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