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Interior Showcase - Go Green With Goodrich

01 June 2017

With more travellers looking for eco-friendly options, more hotels are being built and run that way to meet the demand. revealed that 68 per cent of 10,000 responders said they would be more likely to choose accommodations if they knew they were eco-friendly.

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raisinggreenbarFA Hospitality / F & B

Interior Showcase - Raising The Green Bar

17 April 2017

Sustainable or green interior design, is often overlooked as an integral part of the whole design. The perception that eco-friendly or green products are only suited to “hippies” or people living off the grid, or that they are pitched at the high end of the market, are also no longer valid.

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Magical-Surfaces-680x962 Hospitality / F & B

Interior Showcase – Magical Surfaces

20 March 2017

New materials and technologies offer a glimpse into where innovation is taking us, both in terms of sustainability and simply as cool ideas.

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1 Hospitality / F & B

Flooring from Orchid+ and Ecoclick+ Collection, Nox, Goodrich is now Singapore Green Label certified

21 February 2017

Goodrich Global is pleased... 

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Goodrich Global Raising The Green Bar

19 January 2017

We are proud to announce.... 

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08 Hospitality / F & B

Interior Showcase – Lush Settings

28 December 2016

Create unique spaces with faux leather tiles, elegant lines and high performance floorings.

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Interior Showcase – Leather Classics

20 September 2016

Leather brings prestige to any interior ... 

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