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20 March 2017

New materials and technologies offer a glimpse into where innovation is taking us, both in terms of sustainability and simply as cool ideas. Each one represents a step forward in an existing idea, but gives us an idea of where materials in interiors could go next. From simple reductions in environmental impact or material mass, to electronic innovations that will change how information can be delivered, these new developments offer a view of a future and some great ideas of what is possible for our built spaces.

Scratch resistant walls

Did you know that wallcoverings no longer are not just wallpapers? Wallpaper products today offer not only a wide variety of patterns, but also a variety of protective coatings.These days wallcoverings are more sustainable than paint.

An excellent example is Fusion from BN. Due to it's special scratch resistant surface coating, our paper backed contract wallcoverings are the most resilient and versatile offered. From partitioning walls to general refurbishment in projects like hospitals, offices and hotels. These wallcoverings are the best choice to withstand the rigors of modern living.

Built in odor remover carpet

When entering a room and suddenly the a mysterious bad smell welcomes you? If you've already checked the fridge and your trash bins and can't find the source, it could be that you're in need of a carpet cleaning or carpet deodorizer.

Just like stains, carpet fibers can trap odors, making them linger in your home indefinitely.

From food and drinks spillage to cigarette smoke, there are many sources of carpet odor. The usual thing that you will do is to hire a professional cleaning service to remove it. Before you do that, consider an environmentally-friendly carpet from Beaulieu that is capable of breaking down odor compounds and releases them back into the air as harmless and odorless carbon dioxide. The result is a cleaner smelling home without the use of air fresheners or deodorizers.

This is all possible with a special coating, Magic Fresh. When unpleasant odors come in contact with the carpet fibers, the Magic Fresh application neutralizes the offending odors and releases them as harmless carbon dioxide (co2) into the air.

Impenetrable, stain resistant and odor resistant fabric

Fabric plays a huge role in our daily lives; for example, right now you're likely sitting on a piece of furniture composed of fabric. But a big downfall of most fabric is how easily it's damaged. Stains, mildew and different sorts of bugs and bacteria can take a toll on everything from your couch to your curtains.

No longer do you need to put up with smelly pet beds, stained couches, soaking wet patio furniture and germy placemats, Crypton fabric provides a viable alternative to high high traffic places like hospitality, healthcare. In recent years, residential investments in the fabric are growing.

The fabric is coated with a mix of materials and repeatedly treated with a water-based solution containing a variety of ingredients like antimicrobial and fluorochemical agents.

Florence collection of Conneaut Leather offers the beauty of a pure aniline-dyed leather with a protective Crypton coating, allowing it to be used with confidence in settings where other aniline leathers would fail. Florence is available in 10 timeless colors. Powered by Crypton, Florence is bleach cleanable and stain resistant. Environmentally friendly, Florence emits low VOC's, contains no lead and is solvent free.

Smart and Stylish laminated Flooring

Most often then not, flooring is always the last to consider in interior décor. Yet, flooring is the most visible element in all interior design.

When it comes to commercial flooring, there are many things to consider. The decor plays a major part in deciding the look, but format and technical characteristics are equally important.

The top concerns of most commercial and hospitality places are ability to withstand high traffic flow and water splashes. With superior wear resistance and an advanced patented multi-layer build up, they are capable of standing up to high traffic, it is no wonder laminated flooring from geff is highly popular in the industry.

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