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20 September 2016

Why use leather?
Leather brings prestige to any interior with its special feel and smell. In an economy where the consumer wants the most for his or her dollar, leather delivers superior value. With continuous use, leather upholstery outlasts fabric at least 4-to-1, and unlike fabric, leather improves with age.

Leather is also resilient and resists fading, tearing and cracking. Since fabrics are woven, any change in appearance from age and use detracts from their beauty. Leather, on the other hand, adjusts to its environment. It mellows gracefully with age and develops a patina and leather never goes out of style.

Leather is the most durable upholstered material and its extremely strong texture makes it difficult to scratch or scuff. Leather won’t stretch out of shape. It is lint and dust-free, making it ideal for sufferers of asthma and other allergies.

Leather is sensual, seductive, lustrous and beautiful some for their pure simplicity and others for their striking originality. There are so many kinds of leather, from durable, stain-resistant leathers for high traffic areas to sophisticated, luxurious hides for the most exclusive settings.

So whatever your usage and needs are, whether for upholstery, wall panels or headboards for the hospitality, healthcare, contract, residential, aircraft, marine, automotive, Goodrich has it covered.

In this month’s showcase “Leather Classics” we bring you the best in leathers from Italy and USA. To know more, call us or visit our gallery at Changi South Lane.


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