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Product Showcase - Inspiration For November

29 November 2017

Letter of Inspiration November 2017.

It’s all about winter and white walls! A rich selection of different structures, more elegant than paint. Subtle yet at the same time clear to see. 

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SPACE-FINAL-01 Interior Showcases

Interior Showcase - Space illusions

01 August 2017

With countless choices in design, construction, colors, styles and materials, the search for top performance in wallcovering, fabric, carpet and flooring is one of the biggest challenge for today’s interior designers.

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Upping-the-ante-01 Interior Showcases

Interior Showcase - Upping the ante

04 July 2017

Given the impact of satisfaction ratings on payments to hospitals, the patient experience is the key in many discussions among health care providers to gain patient loyalty. The latest health care interior is designed to improve the hospital experience for patients and employees.

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Runaway-coast-01 Interior Showcases

Interior Showcase - Runaway Coast

03 July 2017

The seaside has always provided a wealth of inspiration for interior designers. Coastal Living is all about injecting a hint of that carefree holiday atmosphere with the inspirational style that can be found by the sea.

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HEALTH-FINAL-01 Interior Showcases

Interior Showcase – Performance Driven Products For Healthcare

20 June 2017

With significant project expertise and a full installation service, Goodrich offers the most complete and effective furnishing solution to enhance and customize the appearance of the walls and floors in the healthcare industry.

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June_greatOutdoor_no-border Interior Showcases

Interior Showcase - The Great Outdoors

01 June 2017

The newest trend is to bring the outside in! The sky, earth, water, and other outdoor elements make us feel refreshed, calm, and one with the earth. How do we get these elements from the outdoors, inside of our home?


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June_space_no-border_green-lr Interior Showcases

Interior Showcase - Go Green With Goodrich

01 June 2017

With more travellers looking for eco-friendly options, more hotels are being built and run that way to meet the demand. revealed that 68 per cent of 10,000 responders said they would be more likely to choose accommodations if they knew they were eco-friendly.

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Goodrich-Global---May-2017_opposite Interior Showcases

Interior Showcase - Opposite Attracts

08 May 2017

Circles, triangles and squares. One of the first things we learn as children are basic geometric shapes. And they stay with us throughout our lives. Maybe it’s that sense of familiarity that makes geometrics such a popular pattern in interior design.

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Goodrich-Global---May-2017_2_minimalist Interior Showcases

Interior Showcase - Minimalist Elegance

01 May 2017

Do not worry that your minimalist house interior will be boring and stiff. You can just change some in your interior design and make you are interior look elegant and luxurious. Here are 4 ways to tone interior deco down, yet keeping it classy and achieve the elegance of minimalist design.

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