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01 June 2017 June_space_no-border_green-lr Interior Showcase - Go Green With Goodrich

With more travellers looking for eco-friendly options, more hotels are being built and run that way to meet the demand. revealed that 68 per cent of 10,000 responders said they would be more likely to choose accommodations if they knew they were eco-friendly.

You could invest in a few small touches right now, things that can immediately improve your guest experience. Here are some ways to do so.

The Power of Lighting
Both natural and man-made lighting help with the illusion of space. For a darker room, find ways to bring in more full-spectrum natural light. If the room does not have sufficient lighting, it will feel cramped.

Ever been in a hotel room that had one miniscule window? Your room may be dark and cool on a hot summer day, but extra sunshine can potentially improve your mood. One quick fix include sheer curtains as an option under a heavy blackout drape for light while maintaining privacy.

Ascend from James Dunlop is a luxuriously light weight sheer that is textured with a small scale check. It is weighted, has achieved an AS1530.2 FR certification and is suitable for both residential and commercial application.

Fading of indoor-outdoor boundaries
There is no match to hotels that provide a wonderful sensory experience. Hotels need to have an indoor to outdoor transition in an ethereal sort of way. To make it a reality, expand the guestrooms through large decks and terraces. Most of the times, nature or its elements like wood, stone, greenery, water, etc. are incorporated into the room in a way that accents the overall beauty of the spaces.

Orchid+ design LVT flooring is a collection of stylish, eco-friendly flooring featuring Wood, Stone and Design lines. LVT ensures that the continuous flooring throughout the space adds to the spacious, warm feel that guests prefer, and eliminates grout lines that are difficult to keep clean. Housekeeping can be as easy as carry out a quick dust mop and a damp mop for spills is all that is needed day to day.

Green Features
Sustainability is a delicate issue for hotel owners, as they are doing their best to minimize short term costs. But being ahead of the game is important, which sometimes leads to innovative ideas. Over-sized windows for natural lighting, natural building materials, green walls and green roofs are a few ways to stay green.

Visions Collection from Widewall, Goodrich is characterized by the softly layered print texture which is universally appealing and applicable. The collection can be used as a solid but adds dimension and depth to the walls. A complete palette of fresh, clean fashion colors.

This product is intended for use in buildings that are properly designed and maintained to avoid moisture infiltration, condensation and/or accumulation at wall cavities and wall surfaces, particularly in warm, humid climates.

Less pattern, more texture, and pops of color
In both public spaces and guest rooms, palettes are moving toward neutral tones, with bright accent colors and just one key pattern on carpet. Patterns tend to be large-scale and often geometric in urban areas and organic in resort areas. Choose carpet tiles in hospitality settings because of the diversity of options available.

Urban Light from Goodfloor, Goodrich is Elegant, durable and beautifully tactile. Urban Light carpet tiles are the smart choice for both offices and commercial spaces.

Urban Light is characterized by its linear design with a coloured line accent. The basic colour of the collection is grey but is differentiated with 5 distinct colour lines in orange, jade, sapphire, ruby and citrine.


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